Sunday, March 4, 2007

time 2 move on

well mohindys been gettin suspicious so we knead 2 move on. we cudnt find the fat dislexic guy who shot me n itz only a matter of time b4 they find me 4 destroying amerikan idle n showdowning with voltron simon (hmm kinda weird how i continue 2 allude authorities despite my total lack of disguise other then girly clothes)!

newayz it wuz time 2 be off 2 the airport 2 get outta here n go on 2 the next hero. hopefully it will be simon so i kin foil him n avenge urkman! i wuz worried that we wudnt be able 2 get thru security bcuz of mohindy. look how suspicious he looks!!!

now i no wut ur thinking! i am not racist or racially ignorant! just bcuz mohindys race blows up thing w/ car bombs n scalps white settlers doesnt mean i think mohindy wud do those things! if i did wud i have come so close to giving him a sponge bath? of course not silly lol!

newayz the only way we wud get thru here wud be thru my pwrs of seduction! i threw on the slutiest lookin thing i had n start usin my britney spears siren song!

it didnt werk very well lol. they tackled me n brought me 2 customs 2 slap around a lil bit (wich ironically tends 2 turn me on). wen they realized i didnt haf any weapons hidden in my body cavities (wich also turned me on lol) they let me go. i didnt haf 2 kill ne1 either yay! newayz sumhow mohindy got thru without my help 2. he asked if i cud spot him 4 the tickets this time. poor mohindy n his cab drivin career doesnt pay 2 much i guess lol!

unfortunatly 4 me, being the freeloading princess brain eating cereal killer that i wuz i didnt haf ne money either! luckily tho i sensed a pwr nearby! it seemd like sumthing that cud help! this cud be the ticket we need! pilot sylar any1? lol! ill let u no about it next time!


D.L. Hawkins said...

OMG your slutty attire made me throw up a little in my mouth.

P.S. what's with you and brains?

Mohinder Suresh said...

Zane, my buddy, it appears you are mistaking race, or ethnicity, for religion, or culture. Despite that, you have incorrectly lumped together Indians and Islamics. You see, we Indians are predominantly Hindu, and while I am unreligious myself, I happen to know Hindus care not for bombing Christians. The continued warring among religions comes from the Abrahamic religions, that would be Jews, Christians and Islams. All of which, ironically, worship the same God, yet have differing beliefs on who his Son and Saviour might be. The rift of the cultures dates back to Biblical times, which use an interesting allegory of the story of Abraham and his two sons, to explain the inherent hatred Jews and Muslims have for each other. However, unlike you crazy Westerners, Hindus simply believe that the world exists on a lotus flower emerging out of god's belly button. Yes, Who-style. "Yelp" is Sanskrit for "I'm on a dust speck, foo!"

Anonymous said...

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