Tuesday, March 13, 2007

uss terrorism!

so my posse n me headed 2 a naval base in cali! i had super underwater breathing pwrs but my partners didnt :( we kneaded a sub but jeremy wuz being whiney about stealin n killin being sins. niki/jess wanted 2 kill him but i thought of a better idea. while we were plotting in r hotel room i snuck out sneakily saying it wuz my time of the month n disappearing in the bathroom n jumping out the window!

it wuz a mere 2 hour drive til i got there. my car spontaneously combusted 4 sum reason once i got there lol prolly cuz i crashed it into a ship (sumhow). newayz i wuz successfully snuck in n i planted the evidence 2 get jeremy 2 help!

a mere 1 hr supper speed walk back n i wuz back in the bathroom. i came out n jeremy asked wut took so long n i said morning sickness. lol im so tricky!

newayz we went 2 the base the next day n wen jeremy saw the flag on the ship he went berserk!

Jeremiah: Heathens! Usurpers of the Lord! They must be destroyed!

silly jeremy pulled out the trusty m16 he always kept tucked away in the crotch of his pants n niki wuz always up 4 a good killin so we were rdy 2 go!

as we wlked up 2 the sub all armed with weapons n stuff army peeps started attackin us.

sylarz: omg like cover me lol!

niki n jeremy started gunning peeps dwn as i totally walked towards the sub. i mind tricked ne bullets that came my way in that totally awsum way i did wen mohindy broke my heart n tried 2 kill me.

i made my way on the sub. instead of military peeps tho there seemed 2 be curators n tour guides lol. they were unarmed but that didnt stop me from mind tricking open there skullz! i also chowed down on a few brains on my way dwn 2 the control room as i wuz hungry n hadnt had brians in a while!

i made it 2 the control room n instead of a pilot or xo their theyre wuz totally a head historian!

sylarz: like i totally knead control of this boat lolz!

Historian: Please, sir, I can't help you. This ship has been decommissioned. It can't be used! Please don't hurt me.

sylarz: de-composed? awwww ive eaten rotten brians b4 their not that bad!

Historian: No, I mean this submarine is not operational.

sylarz: operation? i luv that game lol!

Historian: No, no! You can't go places with this ship! It is stuck here! it doesn't move.

sylarz: oh poo

Historian: Please, spare me! I have a wife and kids!

well now THAT wuz just a silly idea lol! i mind tricked his head n feasted on his brian. being a historian he wuz prty smart n his brain tasted totally good! newayz niki/jess n jeremy joined me on the ship. they had killed a lot of peeps 4 nothing lol! or maybe not. i had a totally awsum idea!

i got out of the sub n used my underwater breathing pwr! i mind trick pushed the sub towards r destination. it wuz heavy. good thing i haf such a strong mind muscle lolz! newayz we were headed towards cat lady n simon now! getting closer 2 the showdown! toodles lol!


Kitty said...

aww, you ate that poor man's brain. And wait, did you say it was your time of a month???!! Did you forget you're still packing?

Svetlana Smith said...

You can have my PMS. Really. But just bear in mind that with it comes a craving for gallons of ice cream and salty things.

~ Lana

Kitty said...

Sylar!!! you haven't commented on my blog!