Saturday, March 3, 2007

a amerikan showdown!

this is it! it happened! the showdown 2 end all showdowns! no not my locker flingin hissy fit with whiney peter or my force pushin of mr glasses. no it wuz bigger than that! i guess i shud like backup a lil tho.

it wuz time...time 4 the votes 2 be cast! whoever wuz moving on wud b announced! dreamy c-crest took the stage.

Seacrest: OMG guys. It is time to announce who is moving on!

sylarz: omg c-crest i hope itz me! if not ill prolly have 2 kill u guys.

Seacrest: Oh, Niki, that's what I love about you. Your spunk and humorous attitude!

sylarz: omg yea ill like totally joking lol! :wink wink:

Seacrest: And the winners are...(other namez here not sylarz) not Niki!

i thought i cud handle myself. i wuz going 2 handle my defeat gracefully...until bad man simon opened his mouth

Simon: Bloody Hell, thank you! You ignorant viewers finally got one right. This woman is the ugliest thing that I have ever had the displeasure of viewing. Her five o'clock shadow burns my retinas. And her singing, my God, the singing. You sound like Britney Spears on heroin! Which, consequently, is what she sounds like these days anyways.

ok i wuz gonna let them get away with my loss but not nemore! and n sissy pwrs this time! i wuz pullin out the big guns! SUPER MIND TRICK! with a flash bang boom rafters were falling down n crushing peeps death n destruction evrywhere! i ovrloaded the audio equipment (yes sumtimes waves of brilliant ideas ovrtake me. they dont happen often though) n they xploded! fire evrywhere!

well most of the audience n crew wuz dead it wuz time 2 deal with the 3 ninjas aka fat guy old girl n simon the evildoer. all of a sudden simon stepped in front 2 protect his 2 minions. this wud be easy i thought.

but then sumthing ELSE happened! i sensed it. his pwr! he had 1 2! all the destroyed techie stuff suddenly flew towards him and he congealed into sum sort of horrible monster! n sumhow all the equipment took the form of lions!

it wuz all set 4 a monster show down. he wuz like the size of a svetlana xcept in all directions n not just wide! the voltron simon xtended his lion arms in fightin stance n i adopted my ninja mind trick style.

but b4 we cud do nething sumthing ELSE happened.

steve urkel a diehard american idol fan stepped between us!


me n simon looked at him in confusion

Urkman: How could you do this? You guys used to be friends!

Simon: No, we didn't.

sylarz: yeah hes a meanie head! but i luv u urkman!

Urkman: Well if the Big Guy taught me anything, it's that friends don't fight over things like this. It's just American Idol guys! This is nothing to lose a friend over.

Simon: American Idol is NOTHING?

with that voltron simon stepped on steve crushing every bone in his body.

Urkman: Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

sylarz: urkman!

n then urkman uttered his final words. as he died he said this:

Urkman: Got any cheese? :dies:

sylarz: NOOOOoooOOOooOOOoOOoocooOOOOOOooO!!!!!!!!!!!!

i glared at simon w/ glare in my eyes. this time itz totally personal!

i ran up 2 him w/ speeding speed! i new exactly wut pwr 2 use! my knew one! i touched him and statically shocked his body! the current totally ran up the metal lions and like zapped simon! his hair stood up and he trembled from shockiness!

Simon: You've won this round, Sylar, but you haven't seen the last of me!

n with that fat one n old chick jumped up onto voltron simon n they blasted a whole in the ceiling. they flew out laughing evilly. even more evilly than my girlish giggle! i shook my fist at them cursing their existance

i new this wudnt be the last id see of them. i had an urkman 2 avenge. ill get u 1 day simon my knew arch nemesis!!!


Mr. Bennet said...

Simon's your arch nemesis now? So what does that make me? A mini-boss?

How dare you undermine my nemesis status with that odd-talking fool!

Sylar said...

ur not my nemesis mr glasses ur my friend!!! mayb we cud teem up n stop his evil doing 2gether

Ikin said...

Oh my gosh this is so funny! :)

Svetlana Smith said...

I'm so sorry you lost "Niki." I totally voted for you like 759,387 times last night, too! I'm shocked. (;_;)

I'll go sit on Simon if you want me to. I have a vendetta to settle with him now. I'm going to storm the American Idol stage in your memory!