Thursday, March 15, 2007

quiet...2 quiet...

so we got 2 the underwater base but there wuz like a prob! i had 2 dock the sub. i cud nvr parallel park lol! i rammed it into the glass a couple times n cracked it a lil. i finally docked the sub b4 the glass broke. thank goodness i didnt break it that wud haf...wait a min... that wud haf killed simon! lol o well showdowns r alwayz fun!

newayz the 3 of us entered the base. it wuz dark n quiet...2 quiet...espec 4 the haven of a amerikan idol nazi. niki n jeremy both looked this way n that. i sat dwn n filed my nails while they searched around 4 evillness. i felt i wuz being watched r sumthing! i thought i saw glowing eyes in the shadows but i wuznt shure. i shud be familiar with gazing from the shadows since i use 2 do that all the time but i guess ive gotten rusty with all this boy lusting n simon hunting. newayz it wuz then that it happened! thats right kitten attack!

me!: its in my hair! get it off! get it off!

it wuz then that the kat ladys army attacked! kittens surrounded us from all angles n the big bad serial killer of the team wuz incapicated! well i guess we were all cereal killers even the holy 1 but u kno wut i mean! how cud the 2 of them survive the cats w/o me??!

Niki/Jess: Cats! The perfect opportunity to test the cat-like quickness of my ability!

she put her gun away n started snapping kitty necks. the clawed n scratched at her but niki/jess wuz 2 quick!

Jeremiah: Felines, eh? Well, everyone knows that such creatures, as well as anything else not human, lack souls and have no salvation in Heaven waiting, so I don't think ridding the world of their hollow vessels of flesh would be sinful.

jeremy pulled out his m16 n began gunning down r feline attackers! but of course while all this killing wuz going on they left poor me gettin thrashed by the kitty on me! finally wen all the other kitties were dead niki/jess put a single round in the cat on my back lolz. dead kitties everywhere! sum1 had been killin sum kittens lolz!

newayz we moved on n reached a dead end. all of a sudden these green lights went on. we stood there waiting 4 sumthing 2 happen. a trapdoor opened were niki wuz standin in she fell! oh no! then all of a sudden a rope came down from the ceiling and lassoed jeremy n strted pulling him up!

Jeremiah: Yes, my Lord, take my unto thy bosom in your Heavenly kingdom!

he disappeared into a whole in the ceiling. hmmm odd how niki n jeremy stepped on such convenient locations where small 3x3 foot traps were n i didnt so i cud be alone 2 confront wutever lied ahead which wud prolly b my nemesis! newayz then green smoke came. all of a sudden an image popped up

Simon: Hello, Niki. Or should I say...Sylarz?!?!

oh snap it wuz simon! looked like r showdown wuz about 2 happen...but i wuz worried about my friendz (yes i do haf emotions other than lust n hate lol). i wunder wut happened 2 them?


Anonymous said...

No! We cannot allow you to staunch our revolution by murdering our innocent Kittens of Doom!

Beware...for we shall send our killer bunnies next. And they have nasty, big, pointy teeth.

-- Comrade Trotsky --

Niki said...

Kittens are evil. I kill one every night, I just hope it makes a difference in this feline loving world.

Kitty said...

OMG! you killed the keeties! Now I'm gonna have to kill you!!!

Mr. Bennet said...

Well at least something good is happening! Felines should all be destroyed! Like velociraptors. They shouldn't exit.