Tuesday, March 20, 2007

xcape from the wicked witch of the east!

omg we totally made it out just in time as simons evil house crashed dwn on us! we strted 2 swim up 2wards the surface but it wuz a long swim n jeremy cudnt breathe underwtr like i cud! he wuz out of air n we were only halfway up 2 the surface!

i totally kneaded 2 do sumthing! i did wut ne male strait or otherwize wud do. i pressed my hot lips against his n breathed into his mouth!!! his eyes like got all wide! i thought at 1st he liked it. but then i realized i wuz not breathing air in my lungs n omg i totally pushed wtr into his lungs! whoops!

we got 2 the surface n i dragged him 2 shore. we met niki there who had sumhow xcaped in a sub! i used my pwr 2 no how things werked n realized...he wuznt werking! his heart had stopped!

i wuznt gonna lose anuther guy! not after urkman n joey! i pounded onto his chest n totally made out with him sum more! but it wuz no use. he wuz like dead! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!

Niki/Jess: Hmmm...seems Simon's won this one, eh?

me!: NOOOooooOOOoooOOoocoOOoOOOooO!!!!!! i mean yes. we must kill him once n 4 all!

so that wuz it! we packed up jeremys bloated waterfilled corpse into r pickup truck. n got rdy 2 drive off. i wuz a sad sylar. :(

o n read my burnt toast post. i got 2 take a much kneaded break from simon hunting. til next time. a sad toodles.

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