Monday, March 5, 2007

navigater sylar!

so i wuz on the track of sum1 who cud give me a pwr so i cud fly a plane hopefully! i wuz looking 4ward 2 being pilot sylar that wud be hella cool!

newayz my totally awsum pwr of noing how things werk led me 2 the boyz bathroom. even tho im not allowed in there i went in newayz. there wuz this guy in a pilots uniform standing at the sink. success!

me!: u look hot in that uni. r u a pilot?

the man looked at me funny as i had a lustful smile on my face.

plane man: No, I'm a navigator.

i sniffed the man. yes he had a pwr!

me!: a navigater? wut made u want 2 bcome a nav? do u ever feel...special? like...a cheerleader who nails her routine?

plane man: If you'll excuse me...

as plane man went 2 leave i locked the door shut with my mind trick. he looked at me in like total fear lol! i mind tricked him into a stall n totally shoved his head in a toilet. swirlee time! i stuck my hand in the wtr w/ him n with my new pwrs of static electricity i zapped the wtr n totally gave him the swirlee of death! kinda like the kiss of death only not quite as much fun 4 me but still a good time! lol. newayz i took the brain from his lifeless corpse and feasted away. now i have the pwrs of navigation!

lol look i kin totally do all these things now! ive done the truck and soon the plane mayb 1 day a boat? who knows!

newayz, unfortunately i still didnt haf the pwr of flying so i wud haf 2 smooth talk my way onto a flight n we all no how good a smooth talker i am lol! so i put on the navs uni and rejoined mohindy who wuz quite surprised to find me wearing 1. i told him my job...zanes job...wuz that of a flight navigator n he believed me! god hes dumb. thank god hes got that ass!

newayz i tried 2 get on our flight but the lady at the door still wudnt let mohindy in. so i mind tricked her subtletly slamming her head on the desk multiple times. mohindy wuz concerned 4 her he didnt realize it wuz me who did that but i told her we shud just get on or we wud be late! wen otherz came 2 help her he agreed.

he took a seat n i went up front w/ the pilot. i had 2 b on my best behavior!

pilot: Where's Joe?

me!: I saw him in the bathroom. I think he ate some bad enchiladas. He wanted me to take over. Name's Zane. Zane Taylor. :knowing evil smile:

lol i sounded so funny talking like that but i had 2! i cudnt mind trick my way out of this 1 i had 2 haf this pilot trust me so we cud fly! newayz he did. n i used my new GPS like pwrs 2 get us 2 wear we had 2 go!

so evrything werked out! mohindy got on the plane despite his races' terrorism and maize farming i got a new pwr and we r off 2 were we knead 2 go! now the only thing left 2 worry about is simon! ill wrry about him l8r. ttyl!


Mr. Bennet said...

Where are you headed?

Kitty said...

think you can navigate me to your heart Sylar?

Mohinder Suresh said...

Oy with the poodles, already!

Sorry, I seem unable to rid the contemptuous phrase from my encephalon

Svetlana Smith said...

Can you spring me out of jail first? I'll explain later--time's up, gotta go! ^^;