Monday, November 28, 1983

About the Author

For those of you who read my season one ending Sylar post, then yes, that man in the picture of that post was me, the author of this blog (no, not the long-haired Sputnikskyov, the normal looking one...I think). I thought, since that self-referential joke was lost on some people, I'd explain it here, as well as give you a look how "Sexy Sylar" came to be.

My name is Justin, I'm from New York (the state, not the city). I work in television, and, in large part thanks to my wonderful job, I have oodles of time on my hands!

Before "Sexy Sylar" was even invented, the inspiration for Heroes parody blogs had to come about. And that was brought about by Clayburn Griffin. You may know him as the author of Mr. Bennet's Diary, a blog I've worked in close conjunction with before. He, basically, attempted to start a Heroes empire, which has been mildly successful, as I suppose I am part of it, though Sylar has become kind of his own entity.

Clayburn is the creator of, which many people mistook for the Heroes 360 site, This frustrated some users who took this site to be a malicious fraud, when it was meant as nothing more than a Heroes fan site.

During the creation of this site, however, a more succesful idea came about: Burst Toast Diner, which was comprised of many people who helped get up and running. It was meant to be a place where the characters of Heroes posted their thoughts, in comedic fashion; well, this is where Sylar came to be.

As an author on the internet, I decided to make the best use of the medium. The internet is full of bad grammar, abbreviations, and rambling nonsense. So, all I did was make Sylar an author in this medium, having him type in this commonplace internet fashion. And, while keeping him a brain-eating serial killer, of course, I gave him the personality of a typical internet user who speaks like Sylar did: a teenage girl. Thus, he was born.

And as for Sylar's future? You may have noticed I changed his style a bit this season. As the readers of this blog may know, Sylar has always been a bumbling idiot. Well, a bumbling idiot with bad grammar and low brow humor can limit options and give a guy writer's block! So, I've gotten rid of the bad grammar, as I think you guys have probably gotten the joke by now. And he's not quite AS stupid anymore, though stupidity is still a major part of his character. He is somewhat competant at things, and I think that will give him more options in storylines and make him less repetitive.

Well, that's all I have to say about Sylar! As for my other writing ventures? Well, I am also the author of the Peter on Burst Toast Diner. I don't make any posts on Peter's personal blogspot page, but there's a new Peter post every week or two on Burnt Toast. And, *spoiler*, Peter may become a series regular on Sylar's blog! Since I have so much fun writing him, people seem to like his posts, and I don't have time to make many Peter posts on top of my Sylar posts, I may add him. But since I'm going to bury this post to be the first one, and not link it to the main page, I think, if you actually find this and read it, you may be deserving of such a spoiler!