Saturday, March 10, 2007

jeremiah bartholemeau christ xvii!

so in conjuction from niki/jess weve come 2 a decision! she didnt really like the choices lol n i didnt either espec since im prolly gon haf 2 spread the word of god or sumthing! nah ill prolly just kill im after lol!

newayz me niki/jess n jeremy all finly met n started 2 go ovr sum battle plans!

me!: ok jeremy wuts ur plan?

Jeremiah: Ahem. I'd prefer if you'd call me Jeremiah Bartholomeau Christ the XVII. It's the name God gave me. And if you'd prefer, you could call me Jeremiah Bartholomeau Jesus Christ the XVII.

Niki/Jess: Hey-Zeus?

Jeremiah: Indeed. The proper phonetics would be sacrilegious. Anyways, shouldn't you two be the one coming up with the plan? I mean, I'm just a henchman.

me!: us...plan? isnt that a henchmans job? thats wut i hired u for!

Niki/Jess: Well, he's too stupid, and I'm just really worried about killing people. Do you got anything?

Jeremiah: I see. Well, ironically, I do! Behold!

it wuz then that jeremy uncovered his surprize that had been sitting in the middle of the room n no1 had noticed or mentioned until now!

me!: a nukular bomb!!! awsum! this will do the job 4 sure lol! itll kill simon good n dead.

Jeremiah: No, no, no. This is not for using. It's the threat of use that will stop the Axis of Evil!

me!: but...if we used it...simon wud be dead! thats wut we want iznt it?

Niki/Jess: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm going to have to agree with the holy man. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time, Jeremiah. I wouldn't want to rid the country of people to kill.

me!: but...if we used it...simon wud be dead! thats wut we want iznt it?

Niki/Jess: No!

me!: but...if we used it...simon wud be dead! thats wut we want iznt it?

Niki/Jess: You freakin' idiot!

it wuz then that niki/jess attacked me! she punched me n i went flyin akross the room n hit the wall. it hurt! ur not supposed 2 hit a girl man! how rude! she ran up 2 me 2 hit me again but i super mind trick subdued her stopped her in her tracks lol!

me!: that wuznt very nice! u hurt me! not just my body but my soul! i thought we were bffs! now...if i let u go will u play nice?

Niki/Jess: Yes.

so i let her go. she smiled at me...n then hit me again! i wuznt gonna look good 4 the next cheerleadin auditions omg! i mind trick through her akross the room. she got up n charged me again so i pushed her again! n she got up n charged me so i pushed her again! and again! then jeremy spoke up!

Jeremiah: People, please! The henchman is not supposed to be the most competant part of the operation! Niki, yes, Sylar is an idiot. Sylar, if we use the nuke, there will be no brains to eat. Is everyone happy?

me!: i nvr thought of it that way! thanx jeremy! u rly no how 2 tlk 2 me. not like sum peeps i no!

i stuck my tounge out @ niki/jess n she glared at me. i think we were gon knead 2 go shopping to kool each othr down! or maybe i cud give her a sponge bath. hopefully that wudnt make me sick lol.

oh well newayz we had r nukular threat now we just kneaded to find simon n mcwhiskers! til next time! toodles!

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