Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sharkman vs sylarz!

so i wuz totally swimming underwtr n mind trick pushin the sub w/ my team in it towards simons secret base wen i totally got ambushed! remember that romantic day w/ mohindy i had wen i stole the breathing guys pwrs? well he wuz totally back only this time in shark form!

it seemed the shark itself had a pwr...the pwr 2 meld its dna with other peeps that it eats! well it seemed the shark dna melded with the tastey underwater breather guy meal n he totally bcame shark man! we faced off in a death match...a match that wud be faut 2 the death!

he attacked by trying 2 seduce me flexing his bulging manly hunky hot muscles. luckily tho i wuz well prepared in my princess outfit n i countered by batting my eyelashes n pinching my nipples! i thought it wuz werking sharkman seemed 2 be falling for me. he opened his mouth lustily! n then he totally 8 me lol!

as i werked my way thru sharkmans body i came across the rest of underwater breathing dude. his body wuz infused into the sharky n tho brainless he seemed able 2 talk, prolly reanimated thru the sharks life force

Gary: Kill me...kill me...

me!: i all ready did silly lolz! well i made this sharky kill n eat u neway. i stole ur brain!

Gary: did this to me?

me!: yup! ur brian tasted good!

Gary: Please merciful...finish me.

me!: but...u haf no brian 2 eat. i all ready 8 it!!!

Gary: speak is like to endure the pain of a cheetah tearing apart my innards, yet you carry on like we're at a high school lunch table.

me!: omg did u hear about mr glasses??! he is like totally captured! i cant even belief it.

Gary: Please...mercy...

me!: n mohindy cud u even belief it?! i thought we rly had something but then he tried 2 kill me...oh ur sharky half is trying 2 digest me cud u cut that out i still haf a lot more 2 talk about. omg doesnt peter look better w/ the hair cut i gave him? i think he looks prty sexy now! 2 bad ill prolly haf 2 kill him after simon. n svetlana! she wuz in reality tv jail! im glad shes out now tho.

Gary: Can't...take...mindless...gossip!!!

i think gary totally tried 2 control his sharky half bcuz all of a sudden i got pushed away from him further down the digestive track!! i wuz about 2 be pooed out by a shark man!!! n i cudnt haf that so i pushed as hard as i cud in evry direction w/ my mind trick n exploded sharky man! i wuz free in his guts were floating evrywhere!

luckily tho i think i saw gary floating still connected 2 sum sharky part n still alive! lol im so glad! i hope he has fun dwn here in the bottom of the c w/ no way to move or mercy kill himself but i had to get back 2 the sub n keep heading there! the base wuz in my sites! til next time! toodles!


Mr. Bennet said...

I'm trapped and your mindlessly gossiping???

Anonymous said...

I'll save you after I save Mohinder, mr glasses. Seriously. For reals!

(Okay, maybe not really).

Sylar, I keep telling you if you eat my brain, you'll put on like 8,375 pounds. Besides, it's full of alcohol anyways, and I don't use it much for thinking. I can only think one thought at a time.

Hmm. We should probably save mr glasses from the squirrel-killing reality-shifting cheerleader thing.