Friday, March 23, 2007


so ive totally found c-crest! that cowardly hunky tricky man! he wuz totally helpin his mom get into a nursing home! she wuz a cat lady 2 n mrs glasses led her 2 her discrete location in isolated kentucky.

unfortunately bcuz of big c-crests present there wuz an army of amerikan idol goons out front guarding the place! as if! they were totally patrolling the place w/ assault rifles. from justin 2 kelly...2 that ugly old guy w/ gray hair! they were all their! i new i wuz gonna haf 2 go in alone incognito in order 2 get past this horde. so niki/jess n the newly revived jeremy totally hid in the bushes n i put on a disguise. here it is!!!

i wlked over sexily on all 4s 2 the person who def had 2 b the leader. i mean he wuz def the strongest hunkiest toughest nastiest lookin dude there! i rubbed my black cat butt against his leg n purred.

Clay Aiken: Oh my gosh, aren't you the cutest little thing I've ever seen! I could just die! What's your name little guy?

me!: Mreeeow. Mrylar!

Clay Aiken: Awww you're trying to talk, that is so adorable! Well, Mrylar what are you doing here?

me!: MrI mram mrMrs mrSeacrest's mrcat!!!

Clay Aiken: Oh my gosh, I can't even believe how cute you are! You should go on in to your momma before I take you home and eat you up you cute little thing!

i rubbed my kitty buty up against him 1 more time purring sexily b4 i pranced inside. i wuz totally in! now 2 find momma c-crest n baby c-crest mwahahaha!


Brody said...

That picture of Gay Aiken is hilarious!! :D Sexy Sylar has a new boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

When I get done not eating until Sanjaya gets voted off, I can safely say I'd look better in that outfit than you do.

Except I'd still look like one of those fat Persians. Damn you, Don Bluth! Oh GOD, I just want a waffle. (;_;)

~ Lana