Wednesday, February 28, 2007

sylarz amerikan dream!

so as uve prolly heard from lana n my last post i am like totally tryin out 4 amerikan idol! ive always wanted 2 b a hot young singer like kelly clarkson but just nvr had the talent! so i guess i shud start at the beginning.

if i wuz gonna try out i wuz gonna need sum hella talent! n as we all no normally im not very special but wen i steal OTHER peeps specialnesses i bcome a hyena of greatness! mayb i cud use this idea on singing? becuz i think we all no im not a very good singer lol. once at a bar i got a bottle thrown at me n it hit me in the head n i swooned! it wuz ok tho i killed that guy w/ my mind trick write after i got it!

newayz if sum1 had the pwr of singing who wud it b? obviously it wud b 1 of the best singers out theyre. 1 who wuz xperienced n hot n cud dance. 1 onces voice wuz like a sirens call that lured the astroknots of pluto! thats write im talking about britney speers! n if only i cud harness her singing pwr i cud bcome siren sylar!

lol silly artist that isnt pluto they got it all rong! newayz i found britney shaking her baby 2 sleep in her home in cali. she saw me n it wuz gonna be a showdown like no other! she saw me n bgun the battle by kissing her latina maid! i guess it wudnt be a hella showdown after all she blew it write away! hot girl on girl action wont werk on me im immune! i like boyz!

with the flash of a flashey thing i mind tricked her aginst the wall! it wuz over. not much of a battle! but b4 i cud pry her delicate skull open i realized...i like cudnt do it! i respected her 2 much. i mean wut a singer and wut a classy girl! no i cudnt kill her! but i had a btter idea.

i shaved her head and gently mind tricked her skull off. i took only the lil part of the brain i needed n ate it. i wuz still hungry but sacrifices had 2 be made for this pop goddess! i put her skull back on and alex mack-ed her skull back 2gether with my zane taylor pwr! hmm. i wundered if that lil peace of brian i ate wuz important 4 nething other than singing specialness? i axed her.

sylarz: britney. r u ok?

Oh baby, baby: Fergasa bread crumb trail led me to the wilds of Zanzibar where Obama would one day be Emperor of the Queen Mary. Do you have a fiddlestick in your teeth?

sylarz: lol! same ol britney!

Oh baby, baby: Buelmont was a very happy geoduck until one summer many moons ago the Indians were stolen by corn. Dadaer Veroicious is the beromane ofer queklain phar.

lol she sounded like mr glasses! i wunder if he had been listening 2 her music r sumthing? newayz it wuz about then she fell right down onto the floor n took a little nap! she drooled all over the floor lol. i felt like such a humanitarian like not killing sum1 4 pwrs and all!

but now i haf my power of siren song n wuz rdy 2 take on amerkan idol! the flashback part of this story iz totally over n well get back 2 the present story next time! toodles!


Kitty said...

Lilke Britney even had a brain to eat....

Mr. Bennet said...

I'm getting better now. The road ducks spank the waffle iron of windshield sauce. So, hopefully I can soon continue my search for you.

Anonymous said...

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