Thursday, February 15, 2007

calling my mom gosh!

so ive been a lil down on myself recently. i realized i have no friendz! well outside of u online guyz the only peeps i have. so newayz i picked up my cell n gave my mom a call. yes even insane tranny brain eaters have moms lol!

me!: hi mom. its sylar

mom: oh hi gabe! how r u doing!

me!: moooom i told u i want to be called sylaaaar. gabe is a stupid name!

mom: oh im sorry hon im just not used 2 it! wut do u need gabe

me!: mom...i dont have ne friends.

mom: wut u mean gabe? uve told me about lots! wuteva happened to that nice family the walkeres?

me!: oh yea them. lol there uh on an expedition 2 mt everest

mom: i thought they had a young daughter?

me!: yeah...well theyre training her to be a marathon runner so thought climbing mt everest wud be good practice.

mom: oh i c. wut about that nice waitress in texas u told me about?

me!: uh yeah. she went off in search of the lost city of atlantis. i sure hope she finds it!

mom: atlantis?

me!: yup thats write! she embarked from iceland last week!

mom: oh ok. well wut about that cheerleader u mentioned?

me!: i killed her.

mom: oh gabe, not again!

lol so yea thats pretty much how it went. my mom didnt make me feel ne better but after i put down the phone mohoindy walked out of the gas station n gave me a smile! wut wuz i thinking i did haf a friend and here he wuz write in front of me! hopefully i can get along w him and not like u no kill him. it wud be nice to haf sum1 to be mine. but only time will tell!


Kitty said...

I absolutley love your blog! It keeps me rolling every time! I loved how Sylar's mom was like "what about the cheerleader?" and you said "Oh, I killed her," after you made excuses for everybody else. Your blog is the best! don't stop writing!

Anonymous said...

OMG! So when my friends and I were searching through Mohinder's computer the other night when we were drunk, we came across an illicit video of you from one of mr glasses's security cameras! Oh noes!

mr glasses seems to need a friend. Judging by the picture I dug up of him roaming the halls with his Care Bear friends, he's so broken-hearted. ;_; You should let him trap you again for old time's sake!

Anonymous said...

lol insane tranny brain eaters have moms?! =O