Saturday, February 24, 2007

SPOILERZ (lol @ self referential humor pt 2)

lol @ self referential humor! (pt1)

ok i think its time 4 me to set 1 thing strait n wut better place 2 do it than @ my blog w/ my friendz! (even u mr glasses). i no u guyz haf sum questions about sum of my pwrs espec how i xcape so quickly like wen the pudgy dislexic guy shot me or wen mr glasses shot me (i get shot a lot lol!) so heres how i do it. i haf...super speed! thats right u heard it here. super speed iz 1 of my pwrs and ive had it this hole time uve nown me!

i no u may be skeptical. wut proof do i have u ask? well its simple! i have 2 sources alrdy! 1 is me! u get it strait from the horses ass! hmm i dont think im using that fraze right lol o well. newayz, wut better source to no about me then me? i guess maybe reputable web sites that have spoilers. so ill give u those 2. that website with this truthful information is...this 1! that PROOFS me havin super speed is canon! newayz if thats not enough for u i haf a feelin another reputable srce will be backing up my claim soon!

so how did i get this pwr u may ask? omg its simple! write after i killed that nerdy brain davis i frolicked out 2 the dessert! there wuz 1 reason 2 be out there and 1 reason alone! it wuz like, tastey brainz! tastey roadrunner brains!

n i had an advantage ovr coyote! i had my super mind trick! n i used it well it got me sum tastey roadrunner brain that had eluded poor coyote 4 years. i ran 2 try out my knew pwr! i had it! i wuz like super fast lol!

but my adventure wuznt over. no. maybe this adventure wuz were mr glasses got his fantasy of killing me becuz THIS wuz r real 1st meeting n i ended up on top! thats wut (s)he said lol.

all of a sudden i heard sum1 yell "sylarz!" i saw a man at the end of the highway looking at me w angry eyes! he h8ed me from the beginning!

it wuz mr glasses! i had no idea we wud end up so close l8r. but newayz he raised his primatech gun n strted shooting at me! it wuz like time 2 try out my knew pwr so i ran!

but mr glasses oh hes such a smrt man. he had totally like thought i might be super duper fast so he strapped on his rocket-powered roller blades! gosh mr glasses u even had 2 be nerdy back then! he zoomed down the highway liek a rocket-powered nerdy glasses guy!

i like ran n ran until i reached the edge of a cliff! mr glasses wuz right on my tail shooting @ me but i had no other choice but 2 put on the breaks! i stopped right @ the edge of the cliff! poor mr glasses'ses breaks didnt werk as well!

whoops! lol. poor mr glasses. im glad he ended up ok!

that pic reminded me of anuther thing! look how ugly i wuz! that wuz still in my shadowy figure days. luckily ive found a sense of style since then! newayz im rambling. i hope u enjoyed my story of how i got my supper speed! and now u no 1 of my secrets that they dont want u 2 no lol! toodles.


Mr. Bennet said...

Memories suck.

Svetlana Smith said...

Mohinder wants me to have his children. Sorry, hun. (>_>) Guess he didn't like that sponge bath!

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