Monday, February 5, 2007

omg i like SOOOO tricked mr glasses!

omg guess what? hanks dead! hank hasnt been posting on this blog its been me the WHOLE time! lol. do u even believe it? i bet i tricked u just like i tricked mr glasses into solace! wow solace that wuz a big word i just used!

but i dont have much time 2 chat! hes in here RIGHT NOW! omg i dont even believe it he doesnt see me!

look i just took a pic of myself on my webcam im standing right in the corner and he doesnt see me omg i dont believe it this is 2 funny!

he really thinks hank is alive and im dead under that sheet lol. i must have played a pretty good hank (ill thank my music theater skills for that). he even sent me an email 2 confide in me about his mommy whos been dead 4 years that i wuznt supposed to tell ne1 about! and here she is!

lol. what a lady! and wut a great hank i wuz. but thats all over now cuz as soon as he pulls the sheet its SUPER MIND TRICK TIME! yes! its been so long since ive gotten to use it im so excited! well...other than on hank but that doesnt really count cuz he went down like a claire bear on a star football player lol.

omg hes about 2 pull off the sheet! i cant wait to see his reaction its gonna be priceless! and when he sees me in the corner with this white thing in the back of my head, its gon be great! i can hear his NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! already.

whoop! the sheets off. thats right mr glasses its ur buddy hank lol. such sadness his eyes ive never seen it before! omg hes looking this way! ttyl.


Svetlana Smith said...

Hey! I found the most adorable dastardly costume for you. It's bright pink and has kitties on it.

I think it looks so ominous! You should totally wear that when you, I don't know, stalk back to mr glasses' (glasses's? What the hell is the possessive of that? Anyways...) house. Not that I'm suggesting and/or hinting at anything.


Sylar said...

omg thats sooo cute! ill have to wear that on 1 of my murderous rampages lol.

Svetlana Smith said...

I think there might even be one out there in Mr. Muggles's size, too. That would be so cute. You could steal him and he could be your sidekick.

I'm sorry to hear that Hank's dead. He was a homeboy. Big ups to Hank, yo!

So...when you finally come after me, can you at least call beforehand so I can get a head start? I run kind of slow.


Niki said...

Sly Sylar, very sly!