Monday, February 19, 2007

sylars silly fan club!

lol i figured it may be a good idea 2 start a fan club! it seems theres a lot of u at the burnt toast diner r like special n i thought this wud be a good place to come together! so i had my friend justin at the primatech paper company right this form 4 u guys 2 like fill out if u wanna join! its totally awsum n totally free! so if ur interested fill this out espec if ur like special then u shud totally do it k thnx!

Name: ____________________________

Reasons you love Sylar (Check all that apply)

__ His sexiness
__ His intellect
__ His specialness
__ His love of fine cuisine
__ His writing
__ His dresses

Powers*: _________________________

Address*: ________________________

City*: ___________________________

Phone*: __________________________

Brain Flavor*: ___________________

Thank you for filling out our form!

* Optional, unless you're special. If you are, then they are mandatory. In fact, you probably shouldn't even be filling out this form unless you're special. And if you are special, you should probably just worry about the asterisked information.


Darkflame said...

Name:Josh AKA Darkflame

Reasons you love Sylar (Check all that apply)

Check His sexiness
Check His intellect
Check His specialness
Check His love of fine cuisine
Check His writing
Check His dresses

Powers*: Empath

Address*: 215 North ST NE

City*: Leesburg

Phone*: 703-405-8484

Brain Flavor*: Cherry

Anonymous said...

Name: Svetlana Smith<
Reasons you love Sylar (Check all that apply)

X His specialness
X His love of fine cuisine
X His writing
X His dresses

Powers*: I make pretty rainbows.

Address*: Mohinder's Apartment

City*: New York

Phone*: I have to be drunk to give this out first. ^^

Brain Flavor*: Beer. Vodka. Kahlua. Jack Daniels. Jose Cuervo. Blue curacao. White Russian. Kahlua. Mai'tai. It comes in a variety of flavors! Just add your favorite alcohol. Cheers!

Sorry for not finding you sexy. I can only reserve that classification for Mohinder!

Mr. Bennet said...

Well, I'm not that special, but my Claire Bear is. So I'll fill it out for her:

Reasons you love Sylar (Check all that apply)

His sexiness: Eww, he's like 50!
His intellect: As if!
His specialness: I'm specialer!
His love of fine cuisine: I know I'm fine.
His writing: Boo!
His dresses: Shave the legs

Powers*: Cheeriness

Address*: 9 Juni...Hey!

Wait a minute...

Are we going to get junk mail because of this? Or is it some kind of "buy a CD for a penny and pay $500/year" scam?

Mercy said...

Keep up the good work.