Monday, February 12, 2007

sylars silly cross-country adventure: last stop

omg its been a wild trip! but now im in my hotel room lol. lil do they no i have no money and will be skipping on the bill and if ne1 tries to stop me they totally lose there brain!

but newayz i had a good adventure 2day. 1st of all i wuz driving thru penn. it wuz cold up here n i had stolen a convertible! so i like had 2 do something. good thing i killed some hissy girl who had the power to like, tilt the earths axis! so i like did and it totally started getting warmer! all the grass turned brown and died it wuz awesum!

i wuz driving a long time n wuz getting lonely. i saw a hitchhiker a nerdy lookin guy so i figured id pick him up! so we drove 4 a lil while, but my void of loneliness wuznt filled! so we got 2 an outlet mall n i pulled over. i went into the store and came back w/ sumthing 4 my new friend!

omg u should like totally put these on i said.

wut? he said. he wuz confused.

just put um on or ill slap u mr man! i retorted smartly.

lol. it sure wuznt mr glasses. it wuz just sum weirdo in glasses! i guess i kinda missed him. mr glasses that is. we had sum good times when he wuznt drugging me n i wuznt trying to like kill his family. o well. this geek wuznt going to fill wut mr glasses left. so i killed him n ate his brain n threw him out of the car lol.

newayz i finally got to ny state yay! i pulled into syracuse and saw a big game wuz goin on or sumthing! there were cheerleaders n stuff about! this culd b my big chance to cheer!

wen i got 2 the stadium tho i didnt see ne cheerleaders. i guess they were out on the court already. sylars a sad panda. but i did see a big fat orange guy in a suit! so i killed him and got in it. if i couldnt be in a sexy skimpy cheer outfit at least i culd cheer! so i did.

and now i rest! b4 the big day when i arrive in nyc! cant wait lol

final body count for trip: 86


Mr. Bennet said...

A fat, orange guy in a suit? Or a fat guy in an orange suit? I've seen an orange guy. I've seen a blue girl that could morph into other people, but never an orange person.

And no, I don't miss you! I'm trying to have Svetlana kill you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you're the one behind why we found a southern California oasis in the middle of Ohio. Thanks!

It was really neat. I got to wear my neon green bikini and everything! I promise I won't kill you, though I might accidentally sit on you. I have big blind spots.

And I'll try to put this following request into some language you might be able to understand:

omg liek plz dont eat my brainz, plz?! ^^