Wednesday, February 7, 2007

sylars silly cross-country adventure pt. 2!

so my trip has begun! i ran into a travelling rodeo along the highway! they seemed to think i wuz a clown just becuz i had sum lipstick on but it wuz ok i got a ride. they were heading to some city in east texas. all these cities are the same to me! i get so hot and my delicate skin gets burnt. i gotta get outta here!

but 1st i did get 2 have a lil fun despite my crocodile skin. i got 2 go 2 the rodeo! sure its not shopping but there are some hot boys riding those bulls! not enough assless-chaps though and that makes me a sad panda. more cowboys should wear that kind of stuff!

it wuz fun watching the bulls though. their rough and toughness reminded me of myself! xcept then ram and gore while i slap and bite and use mind tricks. simlar enough though! i kinda wanted to eat their brain but respected the bulls just 2 much 2 do it! lol im becoming such a softie. i guess itz just been 2 long since ive eaten a brain for power! well soon enough i should be able 2 in ny!

newayz i had a lot of fun there and said goodbye to my rodeo friendz. on the outside of the rodeo place they had this statue of a cow and on my way out i decided 2 get my pic taken on it! there wuz some bratty lil boy on it 2 and he wouldnt get off so i just used my super mind trick and ate his brian. lol. bratty kid brain doesnt taste so good but brain is brain i guess! newayz it turned out to b a pretty good pic dont u think? i know i know im not lookin my best but i cant always b!

newayz i wuz back on the road again. i realized i needed 2 change my look since the last time no1 would pick me up but rodeo dudes! i mean they were rough and tumble and that kin be hot but they really stunk like cow poo 2!

good thing i am a master of disguise! i used my cleavage generation powers, put on a new outfit i got @ the mall and completed my look with a hot wig! damn i looked good.

unfortunately as u can see, i killed a random hobo. i think it was mr esock's twin brother ishmael lol. not many cars wanted 2 picked me up seeing a dead body next to me, despite my hotness.

but wen i moved down the road away from hobo ishmael sum1 finally did. it wuz an old fat trucker and he wuznt 2 happy to see me once he realized i wuz a guy. he tried to kick me out but i really need a ride and it had been like half an hour since my last brain so...well i think u know what i did lol. i had a full belly and a nice new truck lol. and now im on my way! i wunder where ill be next time?

body count on trip: 3


Svetlana Smith said...

That color looks so nice on you. It really brings out your eyes. Now all you need is a little concealer and a nice pink muzzle to complete the look! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ Stay safe and don't hitchhike. You never know what crazy people are out there -- well, you probably do.

Watch out for mr glasses and the Care Bears! They're coming to kill you in your sleep!


Mr. Bennet said...

Your super mind trick is no match for my army of Care Bears!