Thursday, February 8, 2007

sylars silly cross-country adventure 4: the chase

those nashville hicks caught up w/ me in virginia! aaarch these southern states poor lil me cant catch a break! they set up a road block on the street. but silly them not only am i like special but im also totally driving a semi!

BAM! and i kin make things explode w/out even using my power, c?

lol look how scared they are! o wut a heroic lil guy. silly policeman, road blocks r 4 kids!

newayz so i drived thru their crappy lil block and then i had sum cops chasing me. it wuz about time to use my super mind trick to get rid of them but i had to figure out how. it wuz then that i saw my ray of hope!

logs! sweet beautiful logs! i passed this truck & got a lil bit ahead of it. then i jumped out of my truck (i kin do that cuz im special)! it wuz super mind trick time.

the ropes that tied the logs 2gether snapped! oh wut carnage this would cause. a silly policeman wuz behind the log truck and he wuz in sum trouble...

lol i bet that hurt! but he wuznt the only one to feel the rath of the logs!

my poor dainty hands were getting covered it blood! (metaphorically. whoa did i use a literary device lol). especially when sum of the cops avoided my logs of death! but it wuz no biggie. a mind trick here, a mind trick there and cops were smashing in2 each other and landing in2 ditches. much death and destruction! b4 i wuz dun the highway wuz quite the mess!

whoa! omg did i do that! i guess so lol. o well. the cops were all dead or couldnt get 2 me. unfortunately i didnt get 2 eat any brainz amidst all the death but sumtimes things have 2 be dun!

sumhow sum cars xcaped the carnage. i used my super mind trick to stop 1, kill the driver and push him out of the car. i wuz on my way again! thatll teach the piggies to mess w/ me lol. im back on my trip to ny!

body count for trip: 81

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Svetlana Smith said...

OH SNAP! I swear I just had a premonition about that! If our bus hadn't broken down, we totally would have been right there in that accident!

It's also really strange how West Virginia looks a lot like south Florida...but that could just be my friend Jack Daniels talking.