Sunday, February 4, 2007

A dream of my own demise, yo?!

Waitin' for Mr. B got boring, and I decided to take a lil nap. But I was awakened with the most horrifying dream I ever had had, yo! It shook my faith as a soldier. It even made me want to get rid of my .45!

I dreamt that Sylar...woke up! He be not dead, dawg, he just be usin' some sort of Jedi mind trick! He woke up and took me for a foo', slappin' me around like a girl, yo!

And then I be dead on that table! Covered in a sheet. And Sylar lurked in that corner yo, and some weird white thing be stickin out the back of his head!

But maybe this all came 'bout cause Sylar drew on that pic of me from the Christmas party, when I'se 'tended ta be dead. ^ Yeah, that one up there at the top. Yeah dawg, that's DEFINATELY a picture of this here gangsta being a clown at the X-Mas party, DEFINATELY not a picture that the Sy guy took after he killed my dream, yo.

But anyways, I think it's cause of Mr. B thinkin 'bout his mortality, too. Man, he can be such a downer! Why don't he just worry bout bein fly and worry bout dying later? I mean, it's not like he be havin' anything to worry about, no immediate dangers in his life, yo!

So yeah, man, I guess that was just a dream, not nothin' to be worried about. Nothin' can take down Hank, I'm too hard, yo! I'm going to leave the cell for now, Mr. B, so don't be alarmed if me don't see me here, homes. I definately won't be standing in any corners, yo.

- Hank


Niki said...

Sylar IS in the corner, and he WILL slap you around like a girl, so be ready Hank, your time left in this world is short!

Sylar said...

Naw, naw, girl, it's just a combo of my X-Mas party memories, my clownery, and Bennet's whineyness, yo!

- Hank

Anonymous said...

I'm siding with Hank on this one because he buys me cookies.

Hank is my sugar daddy. Literally.