Tuesday, February 27, 2007

sylarz n the amerikan idol of doom!

i hate simon! hes such a meanie! in case u didnt no im kinda competing in amerikan idol write now. i made it 2 la no thanx 2 simon but now i haf 2 preform! but unfortunately this wuznt the best time as i wuz busy hafing twinlike bonds with mr glasses!

n on top of that i wuz nervous. luckily the caterers had the meal i requested! hear i am backstage b4 i preformed!

newayz it wuz my turn 2 go out. this time i wuznt gonna take nething from simon! if he gave me 1 bad word it wuz totally mind trick time!

i went out on the stage n simon didnt even give me a chance!

"Up next...Sexy Sylar. Mind if I smoke a fag while you perform, guvnah?"

did he just...o no he dit-ent! and amidst his insult he lit up a cigarette 2 smoke! the nerve!

i wuz angry it wuz mind trick time. no more simon cowell i wud finally be doing sumthing positive 4 the world! but b4 i cud sumthing happened! it wuz a sharp pain in my tummy. i new wut it wuz. my twinlike connection 2 mr glasses wuz acting up! he wuz in pain. this wuz like that movie w/ that hot older guy where their wuz sum voodoo action going on!

darn this connection! darn this connection 2 heck! it wuz totally stopping my killing of simon! look heres wut happened!

i fell ovr in pain unable 2 finish my job! it lookd like simon wud live anuther day mr glasses'seseses pain wuz just 2 much 4 me 2 bear! i had 2 save him! but...amerikan idol. my dreamz! wut cud i do! paula and the fat 1 even said i cud perform later wen i wuznt seizuring on stage! it must be a sign! im sorry mr glasses ill come 4 u l8r. write now i haf sum idol 2 win!


Mr. Bennet said...

pretteee coloors!!

Kitty said...

Oh Mr. Brainz, Mr. Glasses is NOT WELL! Please save him, considering the fact that you have this super awesome connection with him

Comment on my blog biotch!

Niki said...

American Idol?... Damn them! why can't performances be done drunk? That's when I'm at my best!