Tuesday, February 6, 2007

sylars silly cross-country adventure pt. 1!

well ive xcaped and i think u all no wut the 1st thing i did wuz. thats right i went shopping! i really had 2 i left my dresses in my cell :( oh well maybe mr glasses will decide to try em on 4 size lol!

omg i just got these new shoes! rn't they pretty?? i keep tripping as i walk down the street tho lol. oh well sacrifices have to be made 4 style. i got a pretty dress 2 but im gonna keep that a surprise from all u guys til i try it on! should be fun ;)

but now ive finished my shopping and its time to start my adventure! i have to get 2 nyc! it seems thats where the epicenter of brainz to eat are lol. but its going to be a long trip! i wunder what kind of adventures ill happen upon on my way there? wut kind of romances will i meet? wut kind of people will i kill. wut brains will be on the menu? all these questions answered & more!

right now im just walking along the road tryin to get a ride. it doesnt seem like many people wanna pick up a creepy guy in a primatech jumpsuit. i guess it doesnt help that i have little pieces of brain all over my face from the roadkill lunch i had. lol. if i cant have people brain i gotta have SOMETHING! i hadnt eaten brain in like 4ever, come on! oh well. i continue my walk across texas! hopefully my adventure has gotten xciting by tomorrow! who KNOWS where ill be by then lol! ttyl!


Mr. Bennet said...

You better mail back that uniform once you get to New York!

(Shhh! I'm going to use the return address to track him down and murder him!)

Anonymous said...

When you get to NY, you so totally have to go to Macy's with me. I can pick out some killer dresses for you! ^_^ And we can get makeovers. OMG that would be so fun!

But you'd have to wear a muzzle or something since I don't need you eating my brain. I still use it.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any brain recipes for your readers? Because mine totally suck ;(