Wednesday, February 21, 2007

fello bloggers!!!

hey guyz! mohindys kinda been in shock n hasnt been able 2 move all day so were kinda stuck here in this motel. i guess my silly murder did quiet a number on him lol!

newayz since i havent been able 2 have ne adventures ive been working on updating my blog! as u kin see ive listed my top 5 fav blog posts of mine. so if ur a knew reader u kin go back n check sum of my old ones. my 1st post on burnt toast is actually 1 of my favs!

but on top of that i wanna link 2 the top posts of sum of u other bloggers espec the burnt toast 1s! i haf sum ideas 4 sum of u already. the china 1 4 mr glasses (or mayb nailed?). the dale 1 for lana (lol sry 4 killing ur cousin). tongue typin 4 niki. the sylar 1 for esock. stupid people 4 muggles. the rice cooker 1 4 dl. if u guys haf a diff 1 u wud rather have let me kno and if any of u other readers haf a blog pick ur fav post and link it and ill see if i kin get u in! thanx 4 helpin me make my blog better guyz!!! n check back 2morrow 2 check out wut ive dun w/ the place! ttyl!!!


Kitty said...

Where's the blog for me? [tear]

Svetlana Smith said...

You ate my cousin. I'm not talking to you now. ;_;

But I'm curious to know if her brain tasted like motor oil. Morbid curiosity. I'm pretty sure mine's being preserved in a solution of 20% Jose Cuervo Gold, 30% assorted vodkas, 10% Blue Moon ale, 20% grenadine, and 20% Backdraft. All I need now is a match.

Can I have a light, or are you still missing that power?