Tuesday, February 13, 2007

backtrackin whoops!

whoopsies! i wuz given sum false info on where zane taylor wuz. he wuznt in ny! he wuz in virginie! and i wuz just there! aaaaarch. stupid maximilian told me the wrong place! who is maximilian u ask? well he is the charlie to my angels (me). he tells me were i need to go n wut i need to do! actually i think maximilian is just a voice in my head since i have no friends. hmmm. im a sad panda.

but newayz sumhow made up maximilian directed me in the write direction of va n i found zane. he had a power to like t-1000-ize metals! now i no wut ur thinking. terminator 2? that is so NOT a chick flick. but arnold wuz real hot in it!

so zanes power seemed prty useless but oh well i hadnt eaten special people brain in like 4ever so i wasted little time in using my famed super mind trick! bam! skull pulled off yummy brain revealed. its so convenient the way i chop off heads the brain stays right in the bottom part like its a bowl lol! so i ate sum brain straight from his head and it wuz like amazing. prolly not as good as pres bush brain but still prty good!

n then sumthing totally awesum happened! a dr suresh came to the place! i think it was chandys sun and wuz totally hot! like omg! he wuz on a search 4 other special peeps n i convinced him to let me join! yay! we wud be like a crime fighting team! xcept i wud prolly be endorsing crime instead of stopping it lol.

we wud be such an amazing team! maybe i cud corrupt him lol. hmmm. hopefully he doesnt find out i killed his daddy. he may throw a hissy fit! thats wut id do. newayz were off to find more special peeps.

maybe 1 day we can end up like this, the pic below. hehe (dont wrry mohindy im just trying to make svetlana jealous. she doesnt want me to eat her brain :sadsylar: )


Svetlana Smith said...

...I'm going to sit on you and suffocate you slowly.

That wasn't out deal. You can't steal Mohinder from me, girly man! Oh well. This side trip just gives me more time to spruce up Mohinder's apartment!

Besides something tells me Mohinder isn't into the whole brain-eating-guy kind of thing. But I might be wrong. Don't you eat his brain, now!

Kitty said...

Svetlana, I don't think Mohinder is a guy kind of guy at all.

Anyways, I hope you and Mohinder make it ok. But please, for the love of all that is good and holy, don't kill Mohindy ok?