Saturday, February 10, 2007

sylars silly adventure interlude (nuther big word lol)

sry guys ive been riding nonstop (trying 2 get away from the piggies) n havent had a chance to right in my blog. but now im out of brain so ill be pullin over soon. ill have a couple more stops to make til i get 2 nyc. oh! i see the washington monument! this shud be fun lol. ttyl.


Svetlana Smith said...

mr glasses told me to kill you if I saw you. So...will you let me do that? I'm trying not to lose face in front of mr glasses. He's also trying to help me bag Mohinder!

I tried reasoning with him and telling him that you just needed a hug, but somehow he didn't believe me. Hmmm.

Sylar said...

mr glasses is jealous of my hotness. pay no attention to him!

Svetlana Smith said...

mr glasses is...well, I won't say. But he's not hotter than my Mohinder. But mr glasses does have that whole taken-man thing going for him since he's married and all. You sure scared his wife! What a silly lady. She looks like she could use a new dress.