Tuesday, February 20, 2007

omg i just like totally killed bizarro sylar lol!

ok. ive finally come 2 except it. i am a girly man! ive always thought i just had natural thoughts about liking boyz. after all dont they alwayz say that all guyz go thru a boy liking faze? i thought thatz wut wuz happening 2 me (even tho it wuz like a rly rly long faze). but ive excepted it now! im a girl in a mans body! i like playin dress up n wearing makup n shopping n cheerleading n boyz! how did i like come to this silly idea? well becuz i met n killed my bizarro sylar lol!

while i am a girl in a guyz body this ugly chick wuz totally the other way round. a girlie in a mans body! she even had a boyz name dale and a boyz job fixing cars n getting dirty (a proper girl shud never be getting her hands dirty! this iz y i use my super mind trick 2 kill peeps) seeing her fight against wut she truly wuz made me realize i wuz like totally doing the same thing!

i wundered if the 2 of us were totally mixed up in the rong body. maybe she wuz in mine and i wuz in hers! lol i totally hope not cuz she is like a lot uglier girl than me even with me being a guy. c?

yuck! i here she iz lana's relative sumhow. i hope lana isnt as manly as she! newayz wen faced with my bizarro sylar i had no choice but 2 destroy her. just like the bsb's were alwayz tryin to destroy n sync. those 2 bizarro boy bands cud not exist in the same wrld n neither cud i w/ bizarro sylar! so i killed her pretty good. my new arch-opposite wuz gone. now i kin be at piece w who i am n the wrld is in balance again! er wait...didnt me killing bizarro sylar bring the wrld OUT of balance? maybe i wuznt supposed to kill her at all. oh well i guess i took the correct action 4 being as totally evil as i am.

oh and i got nuther pwr. supper hearing or sumthing! not only did i rid the wrld of a man girl but i got specialer as i did. one bird w two stones lol! ttyl!


Svetlana Smith said...

...you ATE my second cousin three times removed? I didn't even get to know her first! That wasn't very nice. (;_;) Now I am a sad panda. I guess it's not a total loss since she was pretty fugly, so it's forgiveable.

But you do realize that she was supposed to be Mohinder's mail order bride, right? He bought her off some sleazy Russian bride website when you weren't looking. I guess he just has a thing for Russian chicks. But now that he can't marry her, I guess I'll just have to take her place in his heart since you ate her brain and all. Thanks for taking her out of the way, though!

As far as being evil goes, just remember that you're only 98% evil, and I can still totally beat that in a drinking contest. IS AWN, BISH!

Kitty said...

Well, good luck with your headache dear Sylar. It'll go over soon. comment on my blog sometime!

Mr. Bennet said...

Where's a Haitian when you need one?

Just because you're able to hear supper, doesn't mean I won't still take you down! I'll kill you soon, mark my words, Gabriel!

Svetlana Smith said...

When I hear supper, it's usually a can being opened. Or someone putting food down somewhere and leaving it for five seconds.

Wait--shhh! I hear popcorn! BRB

Svetlana Smith said...

i just thought id say this since i'm like...really happy right now -- but I lov eyou & mohinder liek this much: > < (^_^)

I'm gonna drink another half bottle of vodka for you right now! plz dont eat my brain! ^_^