Monday, February 26, 2007

prev on mmmm brains...

omg anon person like totally got my song write! it is trapped in a closet! wut a song!

itz been a busy week! ever since killing bizarro sylar aka boy girl dale smither ive been lazy in my hotel room 4 a good part of it doing things like reminiscing (1 of those rare big werds u find from me) and changing my blog look.

but ive also been prty busy this week 2! ive nursed mohindy bck 2 health (n almost got sum action along the way lol!) n now were almost rdy 2 strt adventuring again! i took a trip dwn mem lane having like an awsum homecoming at burnt toast! it wuznt as good as being a cheerleader 4 a ftball homecming but it wuz still prty good. n i even competed in amerikan idol! that iz a whole nother adventure n ill get into it l8r. itz hard balancing all these things while trying 2 eat brainz! im just like 1 of the pop girls in skool with all sorts of extra cirriculars instead of dorky gabriel w/ band and choir.

but newayz now that mohindy n i r ready 2 go. sumthing haz been bothering me. u no that feeling that twins get wen 1 or the other is in trooble? well i ate a pair of twin brains a few months ago lol! i wuznt sure it wuz a pwr becuz ive never felt nething b4 but it like seems like it iz!

ive totally like formed a connection w/ mr glasses. he may h8 me n want me dead but he iz totally just hiding his feelings! he haf a connection! i even like copied my blog title 2day after him! were just playful like that.

newayz becuz of this twinlike connection ive formed w/ him...even tho we are in NO wayz twins! god 2 look that dorky wud be horrible im glad the connection didnt entail looks! newayz becuz of this connection i haf this feeling of total dread recently. i haf like the scariest feeling that sumthing bad iz gonna happen 2 mr glasses! itz like that feeling i had after i killed hank n wuz hiding in the cell w8ing 4 him to come back! only this feeling is more REAL, yo. oops my hank impression just slipped in their a lil bit lol! newayz i wish i cud help him but i think hes still in so much denial about his feelings that he may try 2 kill me if he cs me! oh n it might spoil my ruse with mohindy. sumtimes i forget im zane taylor! good thing mohindy haznt seemed 2 notice the times ive referred 2 myself as sexy sylar. i think he thought i wuz joking. wut a sense of humor i have joking about the guy who killed his papa oh i mean me!

newayz i guess mr glasses is on his own. i hope he stays safe. dont die mr glasses i cant live without u!!!!

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Svetlana Smith said...

I could have sworn I saw you at the Academy Awards last night. Totally. While I wasn't sneaking around backstage and dodging security. I did gank one of the Oscars, though. I've always wanted I snagged it when Scorsese wasn't looking.

It was fun. I'm thinking about giving it back. ...NAH!