Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yo dawgs!

Yo, yo, yo my homies! Shout outs to the big man, MR. GL --- BENNET! I'se kinda forgot you read this blog son, so I thought I'd post a message on here. So this be Sylar posing as Hank, yo...wait no, I mean Hank posing as Sylar! Hank posing as Sylar!

You shouldn't pay attention to Sylar's last post, or his post on the Burnt Toast Diner. He made those posts before he died and he was on all SORTS of crazy drugs at that time, man. He stole my pic from the Christmas party and posted it on his blog lol...I mean, son.

And if you think that whack cat could take out ol' Hank, you are sorely mistaken! Not with my arsenal of street skills that I learned straight from the street, yo! I bust caps in all sorts of azzizles. What's Sylar gonna to do? Force push me to death? That ain't how it works in the streets, yo. And that's how we roll, son!

But we didn't have to fight it out, street style, cause Sylar just, like, dropped dead, man! I had to cover him in a sheet, because he was looking too fly and if I didn't cover up his hotness I might have lost control. But now its all good, yo!

To my homes Bennet, I'll keep a log up on Sylar's blog til you're ready to examine his hot body, yo. Hopefully, you can come check on him soon, his makeup is smudging. But if not its all good, dawg. You're the boss! I'll be around when you get here. Hehehe.

With much love to my homies,

P.S. This is not a trap.


Mr. Bennet said...

Haha and LOL, my friend, haha and LOL!

Posting on Sylar's blog. That is so like you!

Svetlana Smith said...

While that may be true, Sylar looks better in dresses than you do.


Spoon Fed said...

Not a trap, my nostril! They put you up to this! Hank, I don't know what it is, but there's something fishy going on. And I will find out. You can't hide from Spoon Fed! Then I will reveal the truth about you, Hank!!

Mohinder Suresh said...

I would submit to you that life itself is a trap, destiny its bait. Does not mankind pursue destiny as a mouse would pursue cheese? And ultimately, the results are the same. A mouse may manage to steal, to purloin, a few portioins of his Cheesey Grail, but sooner or later, life closes down on the rodent. As it will on you. And who are we to set these traps? Are they artificial inventions of deceit and murder? Or are we merely acting as tools for a greater trap-setting power?