Friday, January 26, 2007


lawlers. i just read my last post and boy how silly is that! those meanies really screwed with my mind thank goodness i'm back to my normal hott self. i'm not sad. im happy and full of life! well if one thing good came out of that post its those hot dancers! i wunder where i found that pic. oh well its something nice to look at at least lol.

neways, so mr glasses was moving me to a diff location in his nice building to do some diff tests when we ran across a tour group. i don't think mr glasses wanted them to see me, cuz he pulled me away from them real quick, but i wuz able to yell out "give me your supple nutritious brainz little boy!" to some kid. lol. sometimes i dont think before i talk when brainz come into the equation.

newayz we went back and got the tests done and they took me back to my cell. so i wuz perusing the net and myspace and junk when mr glasses came down to play some more mind games with me. no not the bf/gf kind, but the psychomological kind. he showed me the pic of the little boy i yelled at drew and asked wut i thought of it. here it is:

needless to say i thought it wuz great! sure he didnt quite show the detail of my eyez (prolly my best quality, all the guyz say so) but it wuz pretty cool! im glad i made such an influence on the boy. wut do u think?

- Sylarz

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