Monday, January 22, 2007

after party!

omg! im so giddy! i just had the bestest time ever performing in my musical! evrything went so well and i even got to share a kiss w/ rufus! i think he liked it more than i did lol.

newayz, now mr glasses, haitian dude, rufus, and the rest of the cast is here at the Burnt Toast Diner. i tried to get mr glasses to bring his daughter, claire, but he wuldn't let her come, i wunder why lol.

i still cant use my mind trick for sum reason (i think its that haitian dude! why wont he talk, he almost ruined our scenes!), but its ok cuz i'm having a good time. they even had some munky brainz catered 4 me! lol. itz not human or doggie, but at least its sumthing.

this is a gr8 party, for realz. they got a karaoke machine here. rufus is singing unbreak my heart. omg itz a real pretty song, but i wunder about that man sumtimes. he seems if u know what i mean.

neways i tried to ask mr glasses to dance w/ me but he wuldnt. the nerve! i even had my boobies out 4 him! hes a cold man to turn that down.

newayz what am i doin typing on this, the party is still goin on! i'm sure i can get a dance with haitian. ttyl!

- Sylarz


Mr. Bennet said...

I have no interest in your "boobies".

Anonymous said...

DUDE! I'm Eating Dinner! EWWW

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You do theatre. I work for a traveling theatre company. We should talk.

And that dress makes you look fat.