Saturday, January 27, 2007


im bored! i cant take this stupid place anymore! mr glasses is turning down my advances, but the haitian is encouraging them! aaarch! ive had enough, i had to get out of here.

so i put devious xcape plan #2 in motion (the first 1 being pulling eden through my window. lol that wuz fun). newayz ive come to except that i cant use my powers in this lil room. so id have to use my real life fighting skillz!

first of all i banged my head on my hard table a few times. it kinda hurt lol but i totally needed to fool them guys! so i laid there with my eyes closed (no one kin resist that!) and some blood everywhere til one of those primatech paper lackeys came by. he saw me in my own blood and called someone on his radio. he opened the door and i jumped up, READY TO POUNCE!!!

so i set to attacking him. i slapped, and clawed and bit. i even broke a nail omg! the guy stood there all confused. after letting me slap him around a lil, he pulled off the jumpsuit he was wearing to reveal this:

he wuz a f-in ninja! my sissy strikes culd do him no damage. right away he shuto'ed me in the throat!


newayz i culdn't breath and fell down. i wuz foiled again lol! looks like ill just have to plan my next devious xcape better, now that i no primatech is guarded by sick ninjas! but that may have just been becuz of the new drugs i'm on lol.

newayz back to myspacin and bloggin til my next xcape attempt. hopefully soon! im hungry fer brainz. toodles!

- Sylarz


Mr. Muggles said...

Where is your myspace? I wonder how pink it is.

Svetlana Smith said...

Does this Mr. Esock guy provide you with drugs, or are you always like this? Duuuude, Ritalyn does wonders.

So I saw that you enjoyed the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Somehow I just can't see you as a Dr. Frankenfurter kind of guy.


Mohinder Suresh said...

Ah, escape. Is it not the ultimate desire of the imprisoned? The Holy Grail of the transgressors. And suppose one is to escape? Would they enter back into society like a Godzilla into Japan? Or would they find themselves rehabilitated, the very nature of their soul altered, changed to reflect their new sense of morals and find their place in the society which first tossed them into their cell of misery and despair?

Sylar said...

i alwayz act like this lol! i just don always see ninjas...

Svetlana Smith said...

You may not always see ninjas...but ALWAYS beware of the ninja dwarf.