Sunday, January 21, 2007

chattin with mr glasses

so u prolly already know that im being held captive by mr glasses, that big meanie. usually he asks me a lot of questions but today he seemed a little diff. like he wuznt as like, confident in himself or sumthing nemore. so i noticed this and started asking him questions and we like, totally bonded!

he told me that his daughter wuz making fun of his look. i put my own 2 cents in the matter, after all who better to give advice on the topic of looking fabulous than urs truly lol! he showed me his picture from his most recent makeover. i thought he looked like a total hunk!

neways he like totally broke down about me tryin to kill his daughter. he started cryin like a lil girl and slapped me! so i slapped him back! and then we both looked at each other and laughed. oh how silly we were!

neways i tried to get closer to him but he went back to his normal serious self. if he wuz gonna be a dork i was hopin i could at least be his gal pal! but i guess not.

but on the plus side, mr glasses wants 2 study me sum more so he said i could do whatever i wanted! and i chose to put on a musical. itz happening tonight! ill report on it tom at the Burnt Toast Diner. should be fun! thanx mr glasses!

oh and one more thing. i took this quiz bout how evil i wuz (i have a lot of free time on my hands lol).

You Are 98% Evil

You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

lol *blushes*


Mistah Esock said...

You're not there yet Gabriel, 2 more percent until you reach true evilness.

Mr. Bennet said...

98%? Ha! Nobody can beat my boss's score. By the way, I'm 50% evil.

And I think you completely misinterpreted our interrogation session.

Sylar said...

50% ur not even as evil as that cool cat Deadeye402!

i'm disappointed in u mr glasses.

Niki said...

Your slacking. What happened to the other 2%? Is it your love for Mr. Bennet that prevents you from becoming all you could be? What a shame, so much potential!

Sylar said...

i only didnt click one...
i didnt make fun of other kidz is skool, cuz they were makin fun of me. sok tho. ill prolly eat all their brainz at sum point or anuther, lol.

acacn said...

Lol...i love this blog :') My english is horrible. My lucky is i'm portuguese, and you will not came to Portugal and eat my brain :x I'm just 22% evil =$

I agree with Niki, what happened to the other 2%? LOL

acacn said...
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