Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Breakfast of Champions!

Hi guys. I'm like, super bored. I just ate my breakfast, and now I have nothing to do! I'm not going shopping with my girlfriends til later, so I thought I would come on here and talk to all of you! Yay!
So I had to go out to eat, but I didn't have any food. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? So I saw this man walking his dog, and was like, time to try new things! So I chopped the little doggie's head off! OMG!!!! The man didn't like it, and he was kind of confused, I mean, since his doggie's head kind of just fell off (I used my special mind trick HIYA!), so I just chopped his head off too. Good thing I brought a little cooler to store some extra brain in. I had my lunch ready!
But I was set on trying new things for breakfast, so, like I took out the little doggie's brain, and ate it right there in the street! And OMG, it was like, SOOOO good. It was reallly small, but it was so tastey! Maybe next time I'll kill a bigger doggie. Or I could go to the zoo and try dolphin brain! They're supposed to be real smart, right? YEAH, they probably have real big, tastey brains! Maybe I can like, do that for dinner!
But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I gotta make sure I eat right. It's a good thing that doggie brain was so small, so I don't get all fat. I hope I don't get fat from all these brains. So maybe I'll skip lunch today, and eat the man's brain for dinner. I'll see what my girlfriends have to say!
Anyways, that's my post for the day! I'll be seeing you at the Burnt Toast Diner soon! Toodles!


Hiro Nakamura said...

hey der. i hope i could have tasted the dog's brains too! sure it was yummy. dont worry, u arent gonna become fat till u try elephant brains (if they have one). good luck with your girlfriends.

Mr. Bennet said...

You shouldn't eat dog brains, Gabriel. Wouldn't want your daddy to find out what you've been doing, would you?

Niki said...

I've never tried brains, are they really as good as you make them out to be? Blood tastes like rusty pennies.

Mohinder Suresh said...

Dog brains? *is skeptical*

Mr. Muggles said...

You can be a star with two words: Jerry Springer.