Thursday, February 8, 2007

sylars silly cross-country adventure pt. 3!

so i made it to nashville when my car ran out of gas :( i wuz 2 busy singing along 2 j timberlakes newest song to notice the diff! sumtimes i get caught up w/ him lol.

but now im stuck in this cursed city! if i wuz superman (which i pretty much am) then nashville would b my kryptonite! hicks evrywhere! and country music! ahhhh that music! i didnt kno there were songs that werent about dancing and hotness! oh this music is terrible. well if there wuz ne city that deserved a mass murder spree it wood b this 1 lol.

but there wuz 1 good thing. the opry mills mega mall! omg more shopping. 1st thing i did wuz hit up bed bath n beyond!

i picked up this nice set of lotions there! it makes my skin feel so smooth! i need all the help i kin get with this southern sun drying me up like a prune!

but i noticed sumthing. walking through the mall and even the streets of nashville these peeps didnt seem to appreciate a guy wearing lipstick w/ a dress. or maybe it wuz becuz when i came up 2 a street performer playing a banjo his music made me angry (and i wuz hungry) so i ate his playing fingers! lol i kno wut ur thinkin i eat brains right? well i wanted to try sumthing new. it didnt taste good. so i ate his brain neways. but i kind of did this in the middle of the street in broad daylight so i needed a disguise!

lol this is the kind of outfit country hicks wear right? i thought so. but i needed to get away from the eat! so where would be the last place that a tranny boy-band loving brain eater would go? the country music hall of fame lol!

i avoided the heat there but at wut price! there were hillbillies and yokels evrywhere! it wuz terrible. i didnt stay incognito 2 well becuz i killed a couple peeps just 4 there intrest in country lol! i guess im not quite the master of diguise i make myself out to be.

so i decided i needed to get out of there be4 i have to kill many police officers. i should only kill wut i need 4 food and not be wasteful. so i mind trick pushed my stolen truck (cant push it myself might break a nail) 2 the gas station and filled it up. silly gas station man thought i had to pay 4 it so i killed him 2 lol. but i didnt eat his brain i just threw it on the seat next to me so i could have a nice snack 4 the road. i cant be eating 2 many brains i might get fat!

but now im on the road again. not 2 much damage wuz done to me in that cursed city of country. hopefully i never see it again. i cant wait til i get out of these redneck states!

body count for trip: 7


Anonymous said...

Our bus broke down and froze outside Cleveland. You might even catch up to us before you hit NY! So in the meantime, I got bored and found this really pretty pink dress to complement the pink muzzle. I like my spin on it more! Pink lights + butterflies are pretty.

i cant be eating 2 many brains i might get fat!

I resemble that comment! You shouldn't eat my brain, then. It'll put the pounds on you like nobody's business.


Sylar said...

i dont no i could prolly make some pretty patterns w/ ur light ability! i might have 2 make the sacrifice...
u better muzzle me if u see me!

Anonymous said...

No one can use my ability as well as I can! I mean, do you really think you could stand being tied to the front of a frozen bus with broken headlights for hours? ....Naaaah. I have fat insulation. You look skinny.


God, I'm beginning to sound like my mother. Remind me to tell mr glasses to force-feed you the next time he catches you (if he does).


Mr. Muggles said...

I would done the same thing you did in Nashville. I don't think I could have handle it.

Niki said...

If any place deserves it, it would be Tennessee!