Friday, April 27, 2007

sylar gets his first heckler!

omg! did u guyz read the comment on this post? i got a heckler lol! he called me a homo which i dont care about but he also called u guyz homos and i cant haf that! luckily i haf friendz in hi places. mr glasses! i sent him a im!

sexy_sylar: hi mr glasses!

haxor_rims: You...

sexy_sylar: relax mr glasses i dont want ur daughters brain i just want ur help w/ this guy on my blog did u c him?

haxor_rims: Indeed I did. It seems you are dealing with an internet troll. Very common. Lowly creatures that usually live in their parents' basements and have nothing better to do than bash things that they don't like to make them feel better about themselves and their poor lives.

sexy_sylar: oic

haxor_rims: Don't worry, I can help. I have a...friend who may be of some assistance.

sexy_sylar: awsum! thanx a lot mr glasses!

haxor_rims: Anytime, Gabriel. One more thing...I'm madly in love with you.

sexy_sylar: i luv u 2 mr glasses!

ok ok mayb he didnt rly say that last thing but the rest wuz tru! newayz he wuz able 2 track trollies IP by contacting spoon fed n i wuz on my way 2 his house!

i got their n nocked on his door. a lil ol lady opened it w/ her hand full of a tray of cookies! they smelled good. they'd smell even better w/ brain chips lol.

'im looking 4 a internet troll' i said evilly lol.

"You're looking for sonny. Are you his friend?"

'he has friends? lol. o wait i mean yes yes i am im sylar his bff from hs!'

"Oh, ok. I'm his mother, nice to meet you. He should be in his room at the end of the hall."

i walked down the hall n opened his door. their he wuz the troll sitting at his computer!

'i remember u lol!' i said w/ my devil voice as i mind trick pinned him against the wall!

"'re a homo!"

'uh duh lol i cud haf told u that myself u silly billy goat!' i retorted smartly

"I hope you get AIDS and die!" the silly troll said w/ class n dignity

'mayb i do haf aids lol i cud be cruel n give u my aids n let u die slowly hmmm that wud be kind funie wudnt it? but no i think ill be humane n end ur useless life by tearing open ur skull n eating ur filthy horrible brain that is sumhow less intelligent then mine lol'

so i used my mind trick n tore open his skull n he shrieked like a lil girl lol! he cudnt heal like petey so he didnt put up much of a fight n died real quick. didnt put up much of a fight wen he didnt haf his computer 2 hide bhind lol.

newayz i 8 his brian n wuz rdy 2 go! i walked out of his room n gave the trolls mommy a big smile

'it wuz gr8 2 meet u!' i said w/ my mouth still full of brain n blood all ovr my face

"You too. It is good to see my son actually has a friend."

i giggled at that thought n left the house mission accomplished.


Nathan Petrelli said...

If you hadn't eaten his brains, I would have kicked his @#$ for you. I'm extra manly as well as good looking.

The Real Mohinder said...

There's... uh... some brain stuck in your teeth. Glad you're having fun cause I sure didn't. Thanks for leaving me at home. I found this interesting section in the newspaper, though. Have you ever heard of sudoku?

DJ Sarabi said...

well great, now you probably have the powers of internet jerk(aka troll)... i hope not,ur too kool.

Mr. Bennet said...

Gabriel, why don't you forget about Claire and just focus on hunting down internet trolls?

Svetlana Smith said...

I wub yew so much for this (but not as much as I wub Mohinder YOU WILL NEVER HAVE HIM EVER).

Now come rescue me from being stuck in space with aliens that have bad fashion.

~ Lana