Monday, April 23, 2007

manic depressive!

omfg so yea i totally went back 2 mohindys house n saw that he n petey were both still sporked 2 the ceiling n wall respectively just were i left them it made me feel good!

well u no i wuznt feeling like it wuz time 2 finish the job yet. i dont no y but it doesnt just seem like the write time yet! maybe on monday yes monday that wud be good!

newayz since i wuznt in a killing mood their wuznt much else 2 do but sit back relax n have a cup of chai! i almost drank evil mohindys poisoned chai but my wits were 2 smart 4 him so i thru it in his face n giggled!

so w/ no chai i had nothing 2 do but shoot the wind! iz that the write xpression? i think so! im so bad w/ these things. that wuz more mohindys territory. o wut a team we made but no more! i culdnt talk 2 mohindy bcuz he tried 2 kill me n broke my lil sylar heart. so they're wuz only 1 choice 2 go w/...the emo 1.

me!: omg like hi!

Peter: "Hi?" Such a meaningless phrase of emptiness from a man devoid of all emotional capabilities.

me!: wut do u mean? i luv things! i luv boys! milo ventimiglia is hot!

Peter: A man capable of killing innocent human beings is not capable of feeling the dark emotion of love. A man must be able to feel emotional pain to know love. You obviously do not.

me!: that hurts! i kin feel things! im human! im just totally special lol!

Peter: If by "special" you mean the metaphorical equivalent of the heartbreak of your first love leaving you for a more masculine man, then I agree.

me!: ur worse 2 talk 2 than mohindy!

Peter: From one who is so emotional crippled and as shallow as you, I am not surprised. You act like a cheerleader, the most shallow of all beings.

me!: omg thanx im glad u noticed! do u like my nails

Peter: No, they're petrifying.

me!: o so thats how it is huh? well then mayb we shud get write back 2 it!

so it wuz time 2 finish petey off. i removed the sporks from him n mohindy n held them tight w/ my mind trick instead! i raised my arm in the pose that i had left petey n mohindy in the last time i saw them n continued from wear i had left off....

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hoxharding said...

Peter-that emo of human beings. But, he is hot isn't he? Whoo!