Thursday, April 26, 2007

painting the futre!!!!

so guyz u all no that i killed a smelly hippy insidentaly got hi n now i haf the pwr 2 paint the future! well ive been doing sum drawings n thought i wud show u guyz wut ive come up w/!!!

itz obvious this piccy is from the nuklear winter i cawz! hear we c 2 fearsum warrior peeps ready 2 fight sum1! cud it b me?? mayb! i hope so! i bet that 1 guy has sword generation pwrs lol!!!

a couple more special peeps! i dont no wut these guyz r good 4 but they shure look happy! thatll change wen im tearing there skull open n eating there brian lol

wut cud this be lol? i no! i think its me! yes! mecca sylar wen ive gotten evry special peep pwr their iz lol! i may not b as sexy as mecca sylar but i shure am special! i dont think i wud be able 2 be stopped! i cud eat all the brains in the wrld n destroy mankind for no reason bcuz i haf no motif left!!!

my last 1...wut is this?? nooooooooo! i found luv it seems but...w/ that big green thing?? it cant be!!! i wont accept it! this will be my undoing?? my downfall?? i find luv in the fat green n ugly not the sexy hot n manly? i cant let this happen! i must change the future!


Svetlana Smith said...

Do you see me being thin in the future?

Nathan Petrelli said...

Am I more evil than you are in the future?

Stephen said...

Hey -- I drew that picture for a contest a few years ago -- I was just learning how to use photoshop -- glad you enjoyed it!