Friday, April 20, 2007

like omg yatta!

omg omg! look at me im totally finally back in the awsum sity of ny! yatta hella yatta lol! i haf no idea wut that werd means but i think it means im hot n thats so totally tru!

newayz it wuz gonna be a hella bizy time 4 me cuz i had a lot of stuff 2 do! of course the big thing wuz 2 finish off petey n mohindy but i had other things 2 do 1st! in fact i thoght it wud be a good time 2 relax so i took a lil trip 2 central park!

i sat on a park bench! it wuz sum nice seenery let me tell u! no im not talkin bout the greens but the boyz! boys running walkin there dogs. it wuz heaven! i had totally forgotten how much i liked comin 2 this place! i guess murdering peeps 2 steel there pwrs kin kind of make u forget wear u came from! but i remembered now n boy wuz it good!

it wuz then that a smelly hobo came up 2 me beggin 4 money. if theres nething i hate itz smelly hobos! i tried to restrain my killing urges that i seem 2 haf so often bcuz i wuz enjoying the seenery n didnt want 2 haf 2 leaf. but he wudnt take no 4 a answer! he pulled out a gun n told me 2 give him my money! but i still said no n he said he wuz totally gonna kill me like omg nooo!

me!: u dont wanna do this u silly billy goat!

Hobo: I don't, but you've given me no other choice!

the smelly hobo shot at me! i stopt the bullet w/ my mind trick like i did w/ mohindy. it wuz funnie.

me!: omg! i wuznt begging for my life i wuz totally offering u urs lol!

i wont go in2 the detales on this 1 bcuz well lets just say it wuz a lil gross! i had no use for his brain so i did quiet a number on him! if he had a pwr it wuz only being smelly n useless n those werent pwrs i wanted so i tore him limb from limb! he wuz a bloody mess wen i wuz thru lol. i usually dont like killing 4 no reason but i rly dont like hobos especially 1s that wave shiny things in my face!

so i had 2 run! o well. theres plenty more 2 do in ny n at least i got 2 check 1 thing off my list!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not on your to-do list. I like having my head.

Thanks so much! You're totally my BFF!

~ Lana

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Oh man, you don't want to rape Derek jeter. He's got Harvey Keitel watching his back and guiding him like some nicely dressed phantom.