Sunday, April 22, 2007

omfg macys!!! (the birth of santa sylar)

omfg it wuz time 2 do sum shoppin b4 i went 2 go visit mohindy n petey n kill em off lol! i got their n browsed there purses. i had enuf dresses since i wuz a good dress maker but not many alligater skin purses so i got 1 cuz it made me look hot!

newayz on my way 2 check out i saw santa! yes santa! remember itz sumtime between oct 2 n nov 8? yes i haf been in captivity 4 a month had a cross country journey killed heroes w/ mohindy n hunted down simon cowell all in a months time kin u belief it?

yes newayz it wuz sum day b4 nov 8 n santa wuz in macys! i totally wanted 2 ask him 4 sum brains 4 christmas since i am a magical princess n i still belief in his power! hmmm mayb he had a pwr? he CUD travel the wrld delivering presents 2 evry grl n boy in a night! he must be special! i must kill him!

so i waited 4 santa 2 take a brake n he did! he went out 2 snort a line of sumthing sugar i think it wuz! newayz he turned n saw me in my prty dress n his jaw like dropped at my sexiness! n then he puked but thatz neither here nor their! so u no i killed him no biggie n 8 his brain but their wuz no pwr! uh oh! n i herd kiddies cryin out in line w8ing 4 santa. hmmm...mayb i cud get a pwr from them c if they were broken wen they sat on my lap! so i put on santas suit n went out there!

sadly 4 me no kiddies were broken. no specialness 4 me! but i did get 2 feel warm n fuzzy as i spread the magic of christmis 2 the children! ive nvr felt so alive! until i 8 the last kiddies brain 4 fun cuz i wuz hungry. oops! o well i wuz nice 4 a while thats more than kin b xpected of lil ol me! i guess itz time 2 go find petey n mohindy. toodles!

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