Wednesday, April 18, 2007

xcape from jurassic park!!!

i ran! i used my super speed omg it wuz the only thing that kept me ahead of that skurry dino ^

but i wuznt gaining ne ground! i like kneaded a distraction sumhow! mayb if i fed him hed leaf me alone! so i used my navigational skills 2 find other peeps. n find them i did! it wuz a spoiled princess n her daddy!

Brat: But daddy, I don't want to leave, I want to see American Idol!

Daddy: They've all left, Veruca, the dinosaurs have escaped, we need to get out of here!

Brat: I'm not leaving until I see Sanjaya.

me! (as i ran bye): sanjaya is totally t-rex food lol!

Daddy: See? That bearded girl is running; we have to get out of here!

the daddy pulled out a book n showed sumthing 2 the girl. it wuz a piccy of the dino chasing me.

Daddy: Look! This is one of the things that's out there! We'll be trouble if we run in to one of these!

Brat: That doesn't look very scary...more like a six-foot turkey!

it wuz then that the dino got 2 them! it jumped thru the air n clawed the girly across the stomack. i looked back. u shud haf scene her face as her guts came spilling out onto the ground lol it wuz sooo funny! i mean not as funny as wen i tear off peeps skulls n eat there brainz but still prty good! the dino bit into her face and the daddy ran away! anuther dino came jumping out of the jungle on top of him n tore him in 1/2. i giggled as i ran!

newayz i finally got 2 a helipad w/ a helicopter that wuz about 2 take off! they didnt c me n were about 2 go! i wuz gonna jump onto the rail at the bottom but b4 i cud jeremy came running out of the jungle!

Jeremy: Sylar!

me!: omg jeremy! ur alive! weres simon?

Jeremy: He left as soon as the dinosaurs broke loose! He's gone! But boy am I glad to see you! We have to get out of here! We need to pray to God for aid!

me!: so u dont no wear simon went?

the helicopter started 2 lift away. we both looked up @ it

Jeremy: No! He's been torturing me! Both of my arms are broken! I can't hold on to that helicopter! You need to help me!

well carrying heavy things rly wuznt my things. n he didnt even no wear simon wuz! n he wud prolly want me 2 bcome godly n stuff wen we got back! jeremy wuz bcoming a nusance n i wuz hungry again. i totally tore open his skull. i giggled like a schoolgirl as the shock crossed his face! he wuz still alive as i started 2 eat his brain write in his skull lol. but i didnt haf time 2 eat the hole thing :( so i jumped up n grabbed onto the helicopter leafing jeremys rotting corpse n half eaten brain on the ground! as we lifted away some dinos came n started eating jeremys corpse! no free life 4 this 1! sorry jeremy!

well i had no idea wear simon wuz now n it has been a long time since i left mohindy n emo peter in new york sporked 2 wall n ceiling! i think i shud prolly go check on them! but simon is not forgetten. once i get a lead on him i will finish the job! hehehe!

rip jeremy n bratty girl