Tuesday, April 17, 2007

omg im like totally back!!!

omg guyz! ull nvr belief wut happened! simon totally captured me! well his goons did newayz...

yea thats the meanie who took me away! :'(

newayz i wuz brought b4 simon who wuz being fed grapes by sanjaya. he wuz totally evil n took my laptop away n sanjaya sang a single note n caused the laptop 2 totally xplode! noooooO! i cried n cried n cried cuz i cudnt come on hear n tlk 2 u guys! i wuz as sad as a emo peter who got a de-emoed haircut.

newayz...simon being the mean poopyhead that he wuz...dcided not 2 kill me but 2 torture me! they subdoed me w/ a mind trick blocking iv thingie (mohindy style) n totally had sanjaya sing! my sensitive ears w/ there sensitive hearing wuz like almost gonna xplode! it wuz torture!

but luckily 4 me i wuz able 2 turn off the iv w/ my mind (even tho the iv wuz supposedly subdoing my mind trick (hmmm another plot hole (the 1st 1 being when i turned off mohindys iv w/ my mind (even tho it wuz supposedly subdoing my mind trick))). newayz sumhow i totally did it even tho i shudnt haf been able 2!

newayz sanjaya saw me mind trick untie myself n totally ran off screaming like a girl even more girly than me i dont no how that cud be possible. but i didnt get 2 kill him n i totally kneaded a brain. newayz i left the room n found a spare laptop yes n thats how i kin talk 2 u all again! im so happy! newayz i left the building i wuz in. it wuz totally empty i didnt no wear ne1 wuz! i didnt no wear niki/jess or jeremy wuz!

newayz once i got outside i realized y evry1 had left as sanjaya got eaten by a rampagous t-rex on the loose! luckily 4 him bad singers cant be digested so i new he wud be pooed out unharmed. but there were dinos on the loose! i totally had to xcape so i ran while trex wuz feasting on sanjaya!

so it wuznt long b4 i ran into this guy stalking sumthing in the bush. i totally new he wud be able 2 help me! he wuz looking at sumthing out in the jungle. i stepped up behind him n giggled. he turned 2 look at me n his eyes bulged like the pants of a hot boy who sees me in a dress!

sylarz: omg hi!!!

Muldoon: Clever girl.

i totally mind tricked open his skull n tore it off n mauled him like a ostrich in heat! xcept by ostrich i mean transvestite n by heat i mean hunger. i feasted on his brian. he totaly DID help me! i wuznt hungry nemore lol!

newayz it wuz then that i noticed wut he wuz looking at. little mean dinos! they charged at me! omg i prolly shudnt haf killed that guy!!!