Tuesday, April 24, 2007


omg i wuz so hi n hungry i totally kneaded sumthing 2 eat! so u no wut? it wuz time 4 a good ol fashioned killing spree! i hafnt rly been on 1 since my cross country adventure so i figured it wuz about time! unfrotuneatly i wuz in manhattan n wud cause a seen w/ a spree so i kneaded 2 go sumwhere no 1 cared about...new jersey!

once there n in a sity i wuz quickly greated by the local wildlife! a daughter of the street came up to me

icky prostitute woman: Lookin' for a good time, honey?

me!: ewwwww no ur a grl!!!!

she wuz licking her lips provocatively n i mind trick pulled her tongue out. she tried 2 scream but cudnt lol it wuz so funie! i totally froze her n her nippies stuck out how embarrassing! then i feasted on her brian.

a women then stepped out of a cab after a night of drinking. she had 2 wlk dwn a dark alley 2 get home n i followed her. she strted wlking faster n noticed i wuz behind her n she like turned around n omg tried to spray me with girly spray but i mind trick stopped her!

Woman: Please don't rape me!

me!: lolz dont flatter urself!

mmmm anuther brian in the belly as i tore her apart. 1 more target! a man w/ a garbage bag came up 2 me n showed me wut wuz inside

Street Hustler: Wanna buy a watch, man?

me!: timepeace lolz

Street Hustler: What the hell is a time piece?

me!: ur broken u silly billy goat!

i proseeded 2 brutally tare open his skull! he let out a bloodcurdling scream n i giggled in response as i removed his supple brain n took a bite

omg these brians were so good! they had nvr tasted this good b4. heavenly! my taste buds were dancing in joy as i feasted! i wish i cud alwayz xperience this but i had no stoned hippy brian left to amplify my taste buds! 2 bad but it wuz good while it lasted! i got 2 go on a killing spree n eat sum tastey brians! o well i had my fun i guess itz back 2 werk. i knead 2 find more pwrs!


Anonymous said...

sylar is a big homo, as are all his fans. sylar is a parasite as are all his fans. homos = parasites = sylar fans.

go get aids and die, sylar, you're not that great and I'll laugh when they kick your faggot ass back to faggotland.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wow, harsh words there, anonymous.

Eat his brains, Syler, eat his brains!

Mr. Bennet said...

For an anonymous cyber-personality, you sure got a lot to say.

Svetlana Smith said...

Oh my God, someone who's more in the closet than Sylar is! QUICK! Call Michael Savage STAT!

~ Lana

Anonymous said...

Wow, harsh man. Not cool...not cool

Anonymous said...

yeah u guyz r right im being really dum. im really sry cuz sylar is awesm and hes super hot.

Anonymous said...

you people are fuckin nuts

Svetlana Smith said...

No, we're not nuts. We're just more creative and smart than you are. :) Don't be jealous now, or I'll be forced to sit on you.

~ Lana

Sylar said...

u guyz luv me! u rly luv me!

Anonymous said...

u R a homo u idiot(but the fans r NOT)
PS i m NOT a internet troll but a harmless guy enjoying yr post