Tuesday, May 8, 2007

sno globes n sizzers n dead mommies o my!

2day wuz a totally lonely day! future sylar is off sumwear suspishusly stoned hippy is dead n wen i called mohindy he didnt seem 2 wanna talk as if! he evn tried 2 call the cops on me that hurts mohindy!

well newayz theirs alwayz 1 peep who wud always appreciate sylarz even wen evry1 else has abandoned him n thats mommy!!! unfortun8ly she still thinks of my as 'gabriel' omg i h8 that image of me! but 2 c her i figured i better not go dressed as a totally hot chick w/ the fashion sense of laura bush. instead id be a total watchmaker nerd man i h8ed that!

newayz mommy wuz totally luving me n wanted me 2 b specialz but when i tried 2 show her my specialness i totally threw a sno globe at her face lol! i thawt it wuz prty funny but i guess she didnt she ran away like a scared sylarz wen he sees a ugly peep!

newayz i tried 2 get 2 her but she wudnt haf ne of it! she tried 2 kill me with like sizzers lol!

silly mommy! she thinks im merciful 2 mommies! but no! i am even more vishus 2 mommies! espec my mommy! i sizzers stabbed her lol it wuz prty funny!

ok well mayb i showed a lil emotion frum stabbing mommy but it wuz only bcuz it wuz my time of the month (figuratively speeking lol)! newayz since she wuz mommy i figured it wud b best 2 leaf her skull intact n not eat her brian lol since i owed her that much 4 raising me in2 the special ladylike he-she ive bcome! but i DID paint the future in her blood so thatz almost as good as eating brians lol!

newayz a weener hiro came n tried 2 kill me but i foiled him *yawn*. i guess that wuz prty much it 4 the day! i wunder wear future sylar iz? if i no him and i do since hes me and i no me hes prolly doing sumthing stupid and/or sexy. hopefully not sumthing ill b jealous of tho!


The Real Mohinder said...

Please don't blow up. I don't want to die.

Svetlana Smith said...

I see your PMS and raise you a box of Twinkies.

~ Lana

Mabes said...

"i sizzers stabbed her lol"

im crying because I'm laughing so hard.

Thank you!

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