Friday, May 4, 2007

omfg sleepovr lol!

ive finally found the 1 that i luv! its me! from the future lol (tho im prty awsum in my present form as well)! newayz me in future sylarz had a sleepovr last night! it wuz fun! we painted nails did hair watched sad movies! but the best part of the knight wuz wen i decided to call peter!

omg omg he actually answered! "Good bye," he greeted

i wuz confused by his greeting! 'good by?" i axed.

"Yes, it is futile to say 'Hello,' since eventually we all part, anyways. Whether it be to go to the store, to leave me for another man, or to get killed by a druggie ex. Such is Peter. Who is this?"

"OMG, what's he saying?" future sylar axed.

'omg shut up!' i said 2 future. i talked bck 2 petey. 'im just a sum1. i liek ur knew haircut lol'

"I hate it. It makes me want to die and makes me a shell of my former self."

'ur cute' i said

"I know, and emotionally deep. Is there any reason you're calling me?"

'um well...the reason im calling is bcuz....i think i like u!'

i hung up the fone n giggled madly!

"OMG, I can't believe you actually said it!"

'omg i totally no! i wunder wut he thinks? i hope he likes me 2!'

"I bet he does! Who couldn't like someone as sexy as you?"

'well...did he ever like me in the time between now n the future?'

"Um, well...let's have a pillow fight," future sylar exclaimed, changing the subject. and we did! we giggled n hit each othr w/ feathery pillows as in r sexiest lawngeray lol


Anonymous said...

So, like, when Nathan, me, Mohinder, and Michael all get together, you should totally have a sleepover with us at Isaac's flat. That would rock! But you'd have to clean up the body first. Oh! And we'd have to invite mr glasseseses along because he's the only one old enough to buy old man alcohol.

Kamikazes and twinkies! YES! But Nathan strikes me as more of a Cosmopolitan guy. Mohinder -- nevermind him. He just puts roofies in your tea. He doesn't need any alcohol!

~ Lana

Nathan Petrelli said...

I like to call them Metropolitans. You sure do have a lot of boyfriends Svet.

I'm glad you had fun at your slumber party. Peter couldn't get back to sleep after your phone call and I had to stay up all night while he talked about such is Peter. He's a sweet kid though, so I guess I don't mind.

natalie said...

We should go shopping sometime. Ever been to L.A.?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

A pillowfight between Sylar and Future Sylar?

That's hawt.