Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2 brainz r totally bettr then 1!

omg omg omg! i liek totally met my future self i wanna tell u guyz all about it hes so kool n kinda hot lol! we had a totally like deep convo!

OMG I should be writing this fly introduction, I mean, I'm totally like the one who has the better writing ability and stuff! Anyways, I guess that's all we really need anyways, so I guess we should get into our conversation lol!

omg! its freakin me wuts goin on hear?!

Hi homey! I'm totally like you from the future lol!

no way!

Yes way!

wow i look prty hot but how come im not dressed sexily

OMG you look totally da bomb too! And I guess I'm not like dressed in your Past attire is 'cause I'm so used to being President. I'm the specialest person there is!

omg rly?? thats so kewl! how did they let a weirdo cereal killer murderer girl man liek me bcum pres??

'Cause! I can totally create illusions! See?

*Future Sylar illusions himself*


omg u r like sooooo hot! how do u not take advantage of urself??

I do, you silly billy goat!

lol even after years of futureness n lookin like a totally hot dude its still me under their!


So that was like, it! What a time Past Sylar and I have been having! We get along so well! We're gonna do each other's nails in a minute!

gimme my blog back future sylar lol! wut a sweet sexy man he is but i knead 2 keep up w/ my peeps! so wut do u guyz think of wut i bcum? pres n way special n capable of turning in2 hotness that i kin take advantage of wenever i want its like totally awsum! well i guess thats all 4 now! toodles!


Svetlana Smith said...

Five years in the future (provided you haven't eaten my brain, since that would kind of kill me. LOL), we should totally be in a Broadway show together! It would be killer.

Too bad mr glasseseses is probably dead in the future.

~ Lana

Nathan Petrelli said...

Yes. It is hard not to take advantage of yourself when the opportunity arises. lol

However, sometimes you have to save some so you can offer it to others ;)

Hatter said...

Ahh, I just love deep, philisophical discussions with your future self!