Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As me 'n the wonder twins got closer to our destination, 'n I struggled w/ my femininity (I was like, totally so close to coming out of the closet 'n admitting I was straight), I realized that I headed towards my sexual salvation! Screw Future Sylar! He may be hella sexy, sexier than any living thing other than Present Sylar, but he wasn't helping! In fact, I was starting to think he was as straight as an arrow, like me! Er wait, I'm not that straight! I'm more like a line. A straight one, that has no curves. Yes, that's me! Anyways, I totally decided the next time I ran into him I'd like eat his brain or some junk lol. Deja vu? Lol. I wish I knew what that meant. Lol.

Anyways, like I was totally sayin' before I got sidetracked by the prospect of brain eating, lol, I was totally heading to my salvation! That's right, the one man who could possibly de-straighten me out, and keep my line nice and straight! Do I know what I'm talking about? Like, no way! But my first love, Mohindy, will cure me! I am gettin' closer to visitin' with him! Who could forget that time I almost got to give him a sexful sponge bath? Or that other time that I totally killed Future Sylar #1 out of a total jealous rage for movin' in on Mohindy and then totally didn't even have to have a make up make-out session with that totally hot Indian, who for some reason, uses guns instead of tomahawks! Your ancestors would be ashamed, Mohindy!

Anyways, I am going to win Mohindy back.\! To do that, though, I'd have to be a total biatch 'n steal him from another man. But that's ok. Mohindy's new BF is obviously just a rebound guy. I mean, he's like, a lil beached whale. He's no sexy Sylar! For Mohindy, it's totally like going from succulent human brain to...a big heaping spoonful of lard lol! I mean, I guess lard tastes pretty good too, but nothing like brains! Unless it's lard made out of brains. Then that's a pretty close call! But we're assuming it's non-brain lard, like, ok? Ok!

Anyways, thoughts of the sexful Mohindy is totally kinda completely sorta taken my mind off of hot ladies! I mean, Maya still makes my lil Sylar specially levitate 'n junk, the only special power I have left, but hopefully my Mohindy fantasies can fend such scary thoughts away from my fragile, feminine mind! I'm comin' Mohindy! But until I get there, this fantasy will have to do! It's rainin' brains! And Mohindies!


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness I love you! That picture makes me giggle.

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Veronica said...

Oh yey! Go get your man =) If you two aren't ment to be together, then I don't know what real love is.

Anonymous said...

It's rainin' braaaainz!!