Saturday, November 3, 2007

Clearing My Mind!

OMG, me, Maya and Miguel, er I mean, Maya 'n Alejandro were all sleepin' in the car. With all these confusing feelings I've had about Maya, I like, had to get out of there! So I walked into town.

I had to do something to totally clear my mind, and there were two things I knew that could make me happy! Like, eating brains and oogling boys lol! So I walked into the local theater-place with a mission on my mind!

As soon as I walk in I saw a bunch of Texas hillbillies dancing about. I heard singing on the stage!

"I'm a little bit country..." a chickie voice sang. I looked to the stage. These two were singing!

"I'm a lit bit rock 'n roll!"

This was freakin' perfect 'n some junk! I had sexiness, AND a murder victim, like all in one convenient stagey location!

"I'm a little bit sexy!" I sang, and jumped on the stage. The two had stopped singing and were making out, they stopped to stare at me. "I'm a little bit of a brain-eating homicidal serial killer...oll (gotta rhyme, lol)!"

I pulled out my trusty brick, my like, newfound murdering weapon and stuff, 'n clubbed my victim on the head, who fell to the ground, dead. I totally giggled, proud of my feat!

I looked down, and was like, totally freaked out at what I saw! My victim...was the totally hot, sexy guy! And he didn't even have a power! I killed a cute boy, but why?!

The girlie knelt next to the dead one and started crying like a Sylar...well, like a Sylar when he was girlie! Now I didn't know what being a Sylar was! "Donny! You were too beautiful to die!" She looked up at me. "What have you done?"

Like, yes! What had I done? She was supposed to die, and I was supposed to run away with the hot boy! body didn't let me do it! What was happening to me?!

I felt something soft, curvacious, and lustful on my hand. It felt good. I looked down to see what it was. I like, freaked out! My hand was on the girly's butt! And I liked it!

I breathed deep, looked up towards the heavens, and let out a pained, "NOOooOOOooOOocOOooOooOOO!"

I ran out of the theater, shrieking in terror.


Lauren said...

OMG! Straight Sylar?

so glad to have another post from you though!

Mr. Butler said...

My first piece of ass was a similar experience.