Tuesday, October 9, 2007

OMG, A Powerless Sylarkins!

My specialness, NOOooOOocoOOooOOoOoOO! It's like, totally gone! Waaaa! Waaaa! All my adventures in the sewers and my silly Dr. Phil murdering escapades were all like a...um...a...dream! Yeah, that's it! They were a dream! That silly fat lady Candice/Michelle/Ambiguous Fat Girl like totally made them my fantasy! She knew me like, so well!

Unforunately for Candice/Michelle/Ambiguous Fat Girl (I like, totally don't read the graphic novels. Those are so nerdy lol), I didn't know that I didn't have my super specialness! So I killed her to try to get more super specialness! But I didn't get any super specialness! Instead, I just got a case of the runs worse than I got from tacos and Future Sylar brains! I like, totally let loose in that sexy barrel outside my lil hut! That was a cute lil hut, wasn't it? I bet I could decorate it to make it so cute! With intestine streamers and brain lamps and all other sorts of cutesy wootsy decor OMG it'd be so hot!

Wait a minute, I forgot, I'm not special anymore! Waaaa! It's like high school all over again! I'm gonna get made fun of for dressing like a girl! And if I had Candice/Michelle/Ambiguous Fat Girl's brain, I could totally like, beCOME a girl 'n some junk! But now, what's the point of killing peeps when you don't even get specialness from it? 'N I ate fat girl brain! I used a straw to suck it out through a lil hole in her fat skull like a fattening fatty chocolate milk shake! Ugh! My thighs are gonna be feeling this one! And I'm not even SPECIAL! Waaaa!

Well, I think I'm going to go into my cute little hut and cry some more. Maybe then I'll have some adventures on the LOST island or whatever the heck this place is that I'm like, totally trapped on. I'll tty guys lata. Rescue me!


Elizabeth said...

Uh-oh. That's like, sooo not special.

Still want to have a friend? I'm waiting, Gabriel.

I just twinkled! said...

this blog is like, totally cool... lol