Sunday, October 21, 2007


Lol, well, my friendship with smoke monster didn't really end up like I'd hope. Instead I ended up shrieking like a little Sylar for most of the time I spent with it. Making out with smoke makes it like, kinda hard to breathe 'n junk! Who would have thought?!

Well, anyways, somehow I like, mysteriously escaped. I'm guessing it was through the power of the smoke monster. I bet she gets tired of guys quickly. I was used 'n teleported away to stinky desert!

Well, after almost getting hit by a sweet Nissan Rogue, the bestest cars in the world (I own 4, as does every member of the Sylarkin family even though I've killed most of them lol), it like instead stopped and picked me up! Friends? Could be!

I found myself in a car with a gross white boy, an annoying latina, 'n a hot latin boy! I tried to make my move on the hottie, but it seemed he didn't understand English. God, stupidity like, totally turns me off, 'n junk. Especially when it comes in the form of a Mexican from the continent of Asia lol!

So, I gave up on the stupid latin boy and instead tried to make friends with the peeps closer to my elevated intelligence level lol. I talked to the white boy, but all he talked about was "Waaah, waah, they're murderers!" He like, was racist against murderers! I, like, am a murderer 'n stuff! So I killed him dead for his racism lol.

So then I tried to talk to the Latina girl. She was pretty, but not as hot as Sylarz, lol.

"Hi, my name is Sy...briel Gray."

The girlie burst into tears. "Hi Sybriel. Nice to meet you."

I was confused by her silly crying. I mean, as a Sylar, I'm used to crying. But this crying was silly!

"So, do you like, have any hobbies, 'n junk?" I asked sexfully.

She cried harder, "I love dancing, and donkey riding, and crying."

I turned to the sexy, stupid latin boy. "PMS?" I axed. He looked at me like a big, dumb stupid guy who can't like hear Braille lol. I totally forgot he was stupid 'n stuff!

I turned back to the crier. She was eating an ice cream sandwich, and crying. "Oh, I love ice cream sandwiches," she whined, in between tears. "They're my favorite."

I picked up my bloody brick to crush her annoying crying skull, but then, stupid sexy latin boy grabbed my arm 'n started shouting.

"Blah blah! Bloo blah blee blah!" He screamed like a prehistoric Lutheran lol. But I looked into his sexy eyes and they calmed me, even though he was stupid and his sister cried more than a Sylar, I started sucking my thumb and fell asleep in a sexy fetal position.

I don't think this characters will make good friends :( In fact, I'll probably kill them when I get my powers back, lol. The search continues!

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Maya Herrera said...

Oh Sybriel. You understand me like no other. But I'm very sorry to say that my brother belongs to me and you cannot touch him. But if you keep wearing those wifebeaters... Forgive my forwardness! Someone as cursed as I does not deserve someone as wonderful as the Angel Sybreil! WOOOOOOOE IS MEEEEE!