Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Sylarz Song

Hey guys! Still on the road and super bored, so I thought I'd write a lil song! We already know I'm awesome at it from Hank's rap, so let's try again! Here we go!

Sylarz, Sylarz, he's so hot, he's so great!
You want a date?
Maybe if you are a hot boy
You can be Sylar's sexy new toy

Powerless, and friendless, yet still lookin' for guys!
Gonna buy all the jewelry, money can buy!
For myself, looking great, in my right ear!
Now isn't there something about me, you think quite queer?

Well, it's that my powers are gone, that's right, of course!
I hope you weren't thinkin' about something perverted or worse
Cause I'm as pure as snow, and perform no sin
I'm speaking of course of man love, but murder is in


Alejandro, Alejandro, what'll I do with you?
I'm not sure if I'll molest you, or turn your brain to stew
But I think I have an idea, that you'll see with your eye
I'm probably gonna hit on you and then perform homicide

Now Maya, Maya, if I didn't like boys, you'd be hot
But that is not the case so unfortunately you're not
So I see you as expendable and hopefully soon
I'll tear your brain out, take your power, all by noon


I'm so sexy, hooooot, in more ways that one.
All you sexy boys are lookin' to get some.
But the one I'm really lookin' for has got to be Peter.
And when I find him and accost him it's gonna be sweeter.

Syter 4eva!


Claire B said...

Ew. Rap is so out dude. You're creepy.

Mr. Butler said...

Go ninja, go ninja, go ninja go!