Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mohindy, You F(r)iend!

Mohindy, you friend! Wait, um, is that the word I'm looking for? I don't think so cause friends are usually peeps who are nice 'n junk to you. I don't know, I haven't had many, but maybe Future Sylar, who is kinda me lol. Anyways, what's like, the opposite of friend? A mean peep who has avalanches in their heart? Oh yeah, a fiend! That's what I definitely meant! Mohindy, you fiend lol!

Right when I get ready to make my triumphant comeback he spreads lies about me! Like how when all the football players...and cheerleaders...and band geeks...and nerds...and pretty much everyone of the school spread lies about me trying on cheerleader uniforms when I was in high school! Oh wait, that was true, lol. But something like that! I can't think of a better like, comparison 'n junk! So anyways! I'm ready to make my triumphant comeback 'n Mohindy, that fiend, my ex, jealous lover, spreads lies that I am dead!

Ok, so um, maybe Mohindy wasn't an ex lover, sadly, oh how I wanted that hot professory man. But it was like, not to be. I think he was worried about having an affair with one of his students or something, I don't know lol. Or his experiemental test subject. Same thing!

And maybe Mohindy didn't lie about me being dead. I guess he really did think I was dead or something. I mean, I guess this would leave that thought or something!

OMG look how pathetic I look all lying there, dead 'n stuff! Oh wait, I'm not dead. Am I? Is this ghost Sylar? No! Don't let Mohindy convince you you're dead, you idiotic sexy idiot! Why am I talking to myself? Live Sylars don't talk to themselves! That's what dead Sylars do, ahhhhhhhhh!

Ok, ok! I promise you guys, I am alive (I think)!? 'N maybe Mohindy saying I was dead wasn't the work of a jealous ex-lover! Maybe I am the jealous ex-lover! And this is what I will do to Mohindy when I come across him! If I can't have him, like, no one will lol!

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Noah Bennet said...

You're a fiend! I happen to know where Dr. Mohindy is. But I'm not telling! By the way, FYI: I'm not in California.